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Saturday, July 06, 2019

A day before the 2017 Women's March, spectators and activists of all stripes descended on Washington, D.C. for the inauguration of President Trump. Supporters of the new president wore "Make America Great Again" baseball caps and toted "Trump-Pence 2016" signs. Detractors were more colorful.


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Masked protesters known simultaneously as the "black bloc" (because they wear black clothes and hoods to mask their identities) and "antifa" (as in anti-fascist) smashed the windows of a local Starbucks and a Bank of America. They also set a limousine on fire. How these acts of property damage were intended to undermine Trump remains a mystery, given that the CEO of Starbucks and many Bank of America employees were financial supporters of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The limo driver, we learned, was a Muslim immigrant.


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"Modern antifa is decentralized and relatively leaderless; many of its members are anonymous and unknown. Though they are known for wearing black masks, bandanas, and black clothing and for committing acts of destruction, antifa itself is an ideological position and does not prescribe any specific tactics. One can be opposed to fascism without endorsing black bloc tactics, property destruction, censorship or violence.

In practice, however, antifa groups tend toward illiberal means to achieve their ends -- both historically and at present. In Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, Mark Bray writes that antifa explicitly rejects "the classical liberal phrase incorrectly ascribed to Voltaire that ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.'" According to Bray, "Anti-fascism is an illiberal politics of social revolutionism applied to fighting the Far Right, not only literal fascists.""

#1 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-07-06 06:29 PM | Reply

#1 It's not leaderless... We grabbed Cobra Commander. 19 felony counts, including one for terrorism. But yeah, cut of on head and two more takes it's place.

Also, it definitely has outside funding.

#2 | Posted by HeliumRat at 2019-07-06 10:38 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

Imagine if Trump supporters

Rioted in the streets

Attacked cops

Destroyed property

Concealed their identity

Attacked journalists

Terrorized cities

There would be nonstop media coverage & condemnation across the board

#3 | Posted by AndreaMackris at 2019-07-06 11:14 PM | Reply | Funny: 3 | Newsworthy 2


The screams would be deafening. Corky would be blowing his rape whistle and accidentally macing himself in the panic.

#4 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-07-07 12:44 AM | Reply | Funny: 2 | Newsworthy 1

Thread gets the funny flag.

Like just about everything sheeplejizm posts.

#5 | Posted by Angrydad at 2019-07-07 02:09 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

"Imagine if Trump supporters
Rioted in the streets
Attacked cops
Destroyed property
Concealed their identity
Attacked journalists
Terrorized cities"

Oh, you mean Charlottesville.

"There would be nonstop media coverage & condemnation across the board"

There would. There was.

But there would not be condemnation from you.

#6 | Posted by snoofy at 2019-07-07 02:13 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 5

The alt-right (R)tards perpetual victimhood mentality is getting old. They are nothing of the sort.

#7 | Posted by aborted_monson at 2019-07-07 04:00 PM | Reply

"Quillette is a right-wing online magazine that tries to present itself as centrist and libertarian when in reality it serves to legitimise many views shared by the alt-right.

For example, it regularly publishes articles from a strong conservative viewpoint that are anti-feminist, anti-immigration, Islamophobic and anti-transgender, with some articles more controversially supporting racialism and HBD ("human-biodiversity") pseudoscience, popular among white nationalists.

It has published an article defending Noah Carl, a pseudoscientist who writes Islamophobic papers in the OpenPsych pseudojournals.[2]

In the media, Quillette is often described as "intellectual dark web".[3]."


Better known as what passes for "intellectualism" among the DullSheep Mattress set.

#8 | Posted by Corky at 2019-07-07 11:26 PM | Reply | Funny: 2 | Newsworthy 1

When in doubt, STS

-Dorkus of Nothingham

#9 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2019-07-07 11:36 PM | Reply


Blows rape whistle.

#10 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-07-07 11:45 PM | Reply


"What is the Post's basis for telling its readers that Antifa, thugs who go around beating up people whose views they disagree with, is antifascist? It's probably the fact that the Post also disagrees with the views of those whom these leftist thugs beat up.

It's true that Antifa claims to be antifascist. But surely the Post, chock full of crack, truth-seeking journalists, isn't taking Antifa's word for it.

Donald Trump says he's making America great again. The Post doesn't parrot that claim. Why does it parrot the claim of hooded goons that they are antifascist? Again, it's probably because the Post thinks Antifa, if not exactly on its side, is at least the enemy of its enemies.
Which of these ace reporters decided to buy Antifa's marketing of itself as an antifascist organization? Maybe it was a collective decision. Or maybe they simply followed an editorial decision made by the Post's brass.

Speaking of marketing, it's shocking that a newspaper that markets itself through the slogan "democracy dies in darkness" applies a heroic description to a gang whose criminal behavior constitutes a head-on threat to free speech and, therefore, democracy."

#11 | Posted by nullifidian at 2019-07-08 12:11 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

"democracy dies in darkness"

WaPo, spreading the darkness.

#12 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-07-08 12:35 AM | Reply


Blows Trump.... daily.

#13 | Posted by Corky at 2019-07-08 01:42 AM | Reply

Communists always agitate for violence. The death toll from their internal purges - much if not the majority of which was directed against Russian Orthodox Christians, in particular - was as bad if not worse than the number of soldiers who died fighting on the eastern front in WWII. The soviets delivered their poison payload to this failing republic decades ago and since it was Christians dying, that's why so many leftists consider it to be a feature and not a bug of communism.

#14 | Posted by berserkone at 2019-07-08 03:01 AM | Reply

Here's a particularly forlorn historical date: Almost 90 years ago, between the 19th and 20th of December 1917, in the midst of the Bolshevik revolution and civil war, Lenin signed a decree calling for the establishment of The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, also known as Cheka.
Within a short period of time, Cheka became the largest and cruelest state security organization. Its organizational structure was changed every few years, as were its names: From Cheka to GPU, later to NKVD, and later to KGB.
We cannot know with certainty the number of deaths Cheka was responsible for in its various manifestations, but the number is surely at least 20 million, including victims of the forced collectivization, the hunger, large purges, expulsions, banishments, executions, and mass death at Gulags.
Whole population strata were eliminated: Independent farmers, ethnic minorities, members of the bourgeoisie, senior officers, intellectuals, artists, labor movement activists, "opposition members" who were defined completely randomly, and countless members of the Communist party itself.


#15 | Posted by berserkone at 2019-07-08 03:03 AM | Reply

Leftists love dead Christians. Some of them aren't as edgy - not all need to be executed - but all of them are excited about worldwide Christian persecution.

#16 | Posted by berserkone at 2019-07-08 03:13 AM | Reply

#11 | Posted by nullifidia

This was done on purpose. It's funded. Read the ads on Craigslist.

And we know now what the purpose is.

#17 | Posted by HeliumRat at 2019-07-08 08:11 AM | Reply

#17 How many rubles were they paying per hour?

#18 | Posted by MUSTANG at 2019-07-08 11:52 AM | Reply


He says as he says nothing.

- Here's a particularly forlorn historical date:

Antifa is much more like the Red Front Fighters League (Rotfrontkämpferbund) of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD.

"The Sturmabteilung (SA; German pronunciation: [ˈʃtʊɐ̯mʔapˌtaɪlʊŋ] (About this soundlisten)), literally Storm Detachment, was the Nazi Party's original paramilitary. It played a significant role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s.

Its primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, fighting against the paramilitary units of the opposing parties, especially the Red Front Fighters League (Rotfrontkämpferbund) of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), and intimidating Romani, trade unionists, and, especially, Jews – for instance, during the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses."


Red Front


Some would say they are the Red, White, and Blue Front... opposing these Nazis ya'll coddle so.

#19 | Posted by Corky at 2019-07-08 12:28 PM | Reply

"Antifa is much more like the Red Front Fighters League (Rotfrontkämpferbund) of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD.)"

Hmm...maybe more like the Cheka.

#20 | Posted by madbomber at 2019-07-08 01:02 PM | Reply

Imagine if Trump supporters
Rioted in the streets
Attacked cops
Destroyed property
Concealed their identity
Attacked journalists
Terrorized cities
There would be nonstop media coverage & condemnation across the board


Spoofing classic songs is certainly not your thing. Poor effort.

#21 | Posted by CrisisStills at 2019-07-08 01:33 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

- the Cheka.

Were internal State secret police.... not local citizens confronting outsider fascists.

#22 | Posted by Corky at 2019-07-08 02:01 PM | Reply

Is this the thread where Sheeples & Co. get all "hysterical" have "meltdowns" over that ebil Antifa?

poor shep.

i hope you feel better soon.

Imagine if Trump NAZI supporters
Rioted in the streets (and killed protestors)
Attacked cops
Destroyed property
Concealed their identity
Attacked journalists
Terrorized cities

Nullo and Shep would be here to coddle them.

#23 | Posted by donnerboy at 2019-07-08 06:03 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

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