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Monday, August 12, 2019

During "New Rules: Past and Furious" on his Aug. 9, 2019, show, Bill Maher took on Gillibrand and others who, during the Democratic debates, attacked Biden for views held 38 years ago but no longer. Kamala Harris once opposed legalizing marijuana, he said, but now she's for it and that's all that matters. We want leaders who can learn, Maher said, pointing out that the person who successfully persuaded Obama to accept same sex marriage was Joe Biden.

People are not equipped with ESPCP (Extra-Sensory Politically Correct Perception). If you were alive in the ‘50s or earlier, you didn't wear seatbelts and you whacked your kids when they "needed" it -- maybe even the neighbors kids. During the course of their lifetimes people learn, and over generations generally accepted views change. He warned today's inspired, man-buns millennials that they surely will be deemed uninspired throwbacks by future generations.


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Brilliantly spoken op-ed by perhaps the King of modern court jesters. Much needed going into the next "debates."


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We really do need to give people room to evolve.

#1 | Posted by Tor at 2019-08-13 09:02 PM | Reply

There is a big difference between learning leading to change and changing just for political advantage. In the second case, it is a sign of dishonesty or a lack of a moral compass...and that is why people rip Harris. Biden is an old, out of touch fool 4 years beyond his sell by date. Harris, like Obama, will say anything and do anything to get political power. Those are the people we need out of government.

#2 | Posted by iragoldberg at 2019-08-13 09:23 PM | Reply

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