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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A fungus that has wreaked havoc on banana plantations in the Eastern Hemisphere has, despite years of preventative efforts, arrived in the Americas.




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What I don't get is how it spread across such large stretches. Carelessness is what I keep coming back to. I could be wrong but... I mean it's bad enough that growing techniques are making them about worthless as a source of nutrition with each generation having less.

This: "The practice of growing crops with limited genetic diversity"technically called monoculture"aids in cheap and efficient commercial agriculture and marketing, but it leaves food systems dangerously vulnerable to disease epidemics." Short sighted agriculture. Someone hopefully will discover a resistant variety.

It seems the disease is particular to Banana plants and producers didn't learn from history. Per Wikipedia - "During the 1950s, a first outbreak of Panama disease almost wiped out the commercial Gros Michel banana production. The Gros Michel banana was the dominant cultivar of bananas, and Fusarium wilt inflicted enormous costs and forced producers to switch to other, disease-resistant cultivars. Currently, a new outbreak of Panama disease caused by the strain Tropical Race 4 (TR4) threatens the production of today's most popular cultivars, Cavendish."

Personally I have a problem with a type of fungus that lives in my garden soil. It just destroys some types of plants to the point I may as well not plant them. There is a way to eliminate it though and that is through basically cooking the soil. Till the soil so it is as light airy and puffy as possible. Then cover it tightly with clear plastic and allow it to bake. I think it is for 30 days - I'd have to go back and reread. I'm sure it would come back though as I'd have to do something with all my equipment etc. That and it must be in the surrounding ground... So I can understand the issue these plantations are having.

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Here's a good read about what they are doing to combat this: ProMusa

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Yeah you can cook the soil - I read somewhere 90-120 days - basically skip a growing season. You want to moisten it well first so that it essentially boils and kills all the micro organisms and pathogens. Then you're starting over with sterilized soil.

If you make your own garden compost, fill, till, get a soil analysis, and amend to suit your vegetables.

Add food grade Diatomaceous earth, worms, lady bugs, and preying mantis eggs.

Get canning jars ready.

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At least the banana we all know and love which is almost all of them bought. Bananas have long been predicted to leave our markets if a blight his that particular species. Hooray for monoculture!

Learn to love plantains. I'll bet Danni eats them.

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"The banana is one step closer to disappearing"


Hello, and welcome to another edition of Midnight Q.

Tonight we're gonna enjoy some jazz from Charles Mingus. Norman Maylor's here to read an excerpt from his latest work.

And we also have a girl from Omaha hiding a banana. We're gonna find out where.

Giggity giggity. Giggity goo. Stick around.

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Plantain republic doesn't sound right.

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Nothing Monsanto can't fix.

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Now how will I come on Banana Boat???

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Old age will do that...

#9 | Posted by Greatamerican at 2019-08-14 03:35 AM | Reply

Nothing Monsanto can't fix.

#7 | POSTED BY REDIAL AT 2019-08-13 11:59 PM | REPLY

3 year field trials just finished, to identify and isolate TR4 resistance in Cavendish bananas and breed it into production strains. Both classic GMO through breeding, and genetic insertion will be tried.

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We're good for now. I just got from the HEB a couple of hours ago and they are still $0.48/lb, same price they have been for years. But I'm sure that will change soon,

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The headline reminded me of one night at a bar in the Orient that involved an obese stripper and a drunk Marine...


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