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Friday, September 13, 2019

President Donald Trump's acting national security adviser, former Reagan administration official Charles Kupperman, made an extraordinary and controversial claim in the early 1980s: nuclear conflict with the USSR was winnable and that "nuclear war is a destructive thing but still in large part a physics problem."



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I live within 40 miles of Bangor Naval base.

I hope Charles realizes that while the US might win a nuclear war it starts, if I survive, his family might not.

#1 | Posted by bored at 2019-09-13 08:07 PM | Reply

By who is nuclear war winnable?


#2 | Posted by Tor at 2019-09-13 10:10 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Maybe we'll all die...

#3 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2019-09-13 11:13 PM | Reply

Trump is such an awesome stable genius and puppet master! And just wait until he gets the whole country nuked, you limpwrist ----- are really going to cry out your ------- then!

#4 | Posted by horstngraben at 2019-09-13 11:53 PM | Reply

That's what he said before he started a trade war.

Buckle up.

You voted for this, morons.

#5 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2019-09-14 12:13 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Kupperman won't be lasting long anyway. He's one of Bolton's guys.

#6 | Posted by johnny_hotsauce at 2019-09-14 10:51 AM | Reply

He said that 40 years ago fer Crise sake. Claiming its winnable is not the same as advocating for nuclar war.

#7 | Posted by phesterOBoyle at 2019-09-15 09:34 AM | Reply

By how is nuclear war winnable?

#2 | POSTED BY TOR AT 2019-09-13 10:10 PM | REPLY

Oh this is an easy one. Start a fight with a country that doesn't have any, and nuke them senseless. You'll lose economically when the entire world cuts off trade, but you'll definitely win the immediate ground war.

#8 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2019-09-15 01:15 PM | Reply

made an extraordinary and controversial claim in the early 1980s

Must be a slow liberal day. Gotta get some outrage going somehow..Everyday, right liberals?

#9 | Posted by boaz at 2019-09-15 03:54 PM | Reply

If Obama didn't think you could win a war involving nuclear weapons, why'd he sign off on a trillion dollar overhaul that is developing variable yield "micro nukes"?

#10 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2019-09-15 04:33 PM | Reply

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