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Sunday, September 15, 2019

LOS ANGELES " A new UCLA study finds that 27 percent, or 796,000, of California's youth, ages 12 to 17, report they are viewed by others as gender nonconforming at school. The study also assessed differences in mental health among gender nonconforming youth and gender conforming youth in the state and found no significant difference in the rates of lifetime suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts between gender nonconforming youth and their gender-conforming peers. However, gender nonconforming youth were more than twice as likely to have experienced psychological distress in the past year.


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Older study, 2017, but something I find interesting ....


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When I was in school, all the girls wanted to look like either Cyndi Lauper or Pat Benatar.

The guys all wanted to look like Joey Ramone, Billy Idol, or Malcom Young.

Then there were the weirdos who spent every Friday night cos-playing Rocky Horror Picture Show at the movies.

#1 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-09-15 11:47 PM | Reply

For the same reason people had Beatle haircuts when I was in school. Because it was "cool" and countercultural.

Poll the very same people 20 years from now and the percentage will fall from 27% to 1%.

#2 | Posted by goatman at 2019-09-16 01:58 AM | Reply

This is probably true because insane leftists in the state of calitopia are almost certainly forcing trans-trenderism onto their children. Generation Zyklon will either be our future or our ultimate downfall.

#3 | Posted by berserkone at 2019-09-16 02:36 AM | Reply

Too many millennials already swallowed the poison pill and dyed their hairs turquoise after becoming communists. I've little hope for my peers.

#4 | Posted by berserkone at 2019-09-16 02:42 AM | Reply

This is a fad. Culturally right now transgender is the new shiny toy.

This won't last.

#5 | Posted by JeffJ at 2019-09-16 10:29 AM | Reply

This is like a bat-signal for Boaz. He's likely down at your local high school demanding kids present their -------- for judging.

#6 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2019-09-16 10:16 PM | Reply

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