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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The energy secretary said he'll soon be stepping down from the Cabinet after weeks of speculation over his departure, according to several reports.



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Rats jumping ship?

#1 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2019-10-17 08:34 PM | Reply

He should stick around. He's 15th in line for the presidency.

#2 | Posted by goatman at 2019-10-17 09:09 PM | Reply

Perry says Trump directed him to discuss Ukraine with Giuliani: report


#3 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2019-10-17 09:17 PM | Reply

Rats jumping ship?

Nah, just wants to spend more time with his family.

#4 | Posted by jpw at 2019-10-17 11:51 PM | Reply

The boss upstaged you a couple of hours after you posted this, Senor Beach.

#5 | Posted by goatman at 2019-10-18 02:39 AM | Reply

Deer Mr Prezidint. I hereby quit and absolve any of my duties in the departmint of inergy heaped upon my personage by your wonderful, blessed, omnipotent self. Please forgive the suddenness of the resignation, but my wife says she's going to kick my ass and turn off the nookie until further notice if I don't quit as she so eloquently put it, "I can't stand the mangy ----------."

Sense you are a mail, you comprende the impotence of having regular sectual relations with a woman in order to keep the difficulties of pubic life in check.

Thank you, and most humbly forgive my tainted soul for dumping you when you needed me most.

Your humble servint

Rick "Pinche ----- Pendejo" Perry

CC: RP/rpt
CC2: The Most Honorable, Omnipotent, Omniscient Person in the New Nited States of Umerica HRH Donald J. Trup, esq.
(Enc) 1

#6 | Posted by madscientist at 2019-10-19 08:43 AM | Reply

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