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Friday, October 18, 2019

Saharan silver ants routinely brave the blazing-hot midday sun in the desert to forage for food. That's a time of day when sand temperatures can be as high as 140F (60C), and many insects perish under those conditions, making it prime foraging time. But it's also risky for the silver ants.

Perhaps that's why they are also one of the fastest creatures on the planet, capable of covering their own body length 108 times in a single second, according to a new paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

That's equivalent to a human being running roughly a nine-second mile.




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That's nothing. My Dad's sister is faster than that.

Couldn't help myself.

Seriously, that's a cool (or very hot) article. Not only is their speed impressive, but the other adaptations that allow them to survive those harsh conditions is amazing. Even their gait "This coordination results in brief, synchronous, and forceful impacts of three legs on the sand substrate which may serve to minimize sinking into the yielding sand dune," is remarkable

It must have been a delicate balance to have "feet" with a large enough surface area to keep them from sinking (even though they do have minimal weight) but small enough to not absorb heat.

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#1 Bigot.

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