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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fox Sports has sold 80% of its Super Bowl commercials, resulting in what one network executive called a game of musical chairs for the remaining inventory.




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70% of the country won't be able to hear the ads because they muted their TV's. Nobody wants to hear Joe Buck.

#1 | Posted by chuffy at 2019-11-15 01:57 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Don't these Superbowl ads get awards?

(Usually Budweiser and their 8-hitch precision team of Clydesdales?)

If FSN locked that one up, their viewership and profits are is going to soar.

It's really quite a smart move on their part. I can take that away from them.

#2 | Posted by Twinpac at 2019-11-15 03:37 AM | Reply

Super Bowl Ads Give Fox a 'Pinch-Yourself Moment'

I could not have said it better myself!

#3 | Posted by PinchALoaf at 2019-11-15 07:09 AM | Reply

Remember when cons hated the NFL because Trump told them to? They would do anything at the command of their king.

#4 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2019-11-15 07:42 AM | Reply

At times like this I am just so glad that football is so unimportant to me and I am confident that the Super Bowl will not be shown in my home.

#5 | Posted by danni at 2019-11-15 08:46 AM | Reply

Screw Bud and their Clydesdales. The best Super Bowl viewing experience I had was in Japan. I woke up one morning, turned on the TV, and the Super Bowl was just getting started. I figured, "Maybe I'll watch some of this." It was Eli Manning winning against maybe Tom Brady, or it was the Steelers, whatever. Anyway, rather than listen to Joe Buck commentary, I heard Japanese guys excitedly yelling about the game. And instead of commercials, they showed HD replays of big plays, in slow motion, from multiple angles. Best Super Bowl viewing experience aside from the ones where the Packers won.

#6 | Posted by hamburglar at 2019-11-15 08:46 AM | Reply

So they're surprised super bowl commercial slots sold fast? Really? The same super bowl commercials that have some how been built into being almost as big an event as the super bowl itself? WTF.

#7 | Posted by qcp at 2019-11-15 09:13 AM | Reply

@#7 ... The same super bowl commercials that have some how been built into being almost as big an event as the super bowl itself? WTF. ...

TiVo has a "SkipMode" ability. You push a button on the remote and all the ads are skipped, starting the playback again at the beginning of the next program segment.

For last year's SuperBowl, the "SkipMode" facility was chnaged to skip over the game and watch the commercials.


TiVo flips 'SkipMode' around for Super Bowl ad fans

...A few years ago TiVo rolled out SkipMode for its DVRs that would allow viewers to jump past ads (on certain prime-time programs) with the press of a button. This year, for Super Bowl LII it's flipping the technology around with GameSkip that works favor of people who watch the game just to see all of those (incredibly expensive) advertisements. Sure, you can usually see the best ones on YouTube either before the game or immediately after they are, but for dedicated fans of everything except Eagles vs. Patriots, it could be an easy way to catch up....

fwiw, SkipMode now works on a lot more than just "certain primetime programs."

#8 | Posted by LampLighter at 2019-11-15 09:58 AM | Reply

Kinda thought the brawl last night was "pinch" worthy, thought is was an NFL practice.

#9 | Posted by AndreaMackris at 2019-11-15 11:00 AM | Reply

The Browns have won 4 games in a season?!?!?

#10 | Posted by hamburglar at 2019-11-15 03:24 PM | Reply

Charge that a!hole with assault.

#11 | Posted by hamburglar at 2019-11-15 03:26 PM | Reply

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