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Friday, January 10, 2020

In Virginia this week, Democratic lawmakers are busy throwing the proverbial spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Thus far, over 100 anti-gun bills have been introduced, covering everything from black rifle bans and bump stock prohibitions to universal background checks and red-flag orders. Of the more eye-popping measures filed is one that would effectively shut down all indoor shooting ranges of a certain size not owned by the government. Say what?!



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Bam everything!

#1 | Posted by nullifidian at 2020-01-10 11:39 AM | Reply


#2 | Posted by nullifidian at 2020-01-10 11:39 AM | Reply

I don't support this, it's idiotic. Plenty of real problems in the world to deal with, they should use their time for more important issues.

#3 | Posted by danni at 2020-01-10 12:04 PM | Reply

I haven't seen Loaf in a while.......will he show up and defend it and lecture us all with more youtube videos?

#4 | Posted by eberly at 2020-01-10 12:06 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

As I've said before: Always remember and never forget that dem libbies/progs are Control Freaks!

#5 | Posted by MSgt at 2020-01-10 01:25 PM | Reply

#4 If he does I will hold you responsible for our suffering through his youtube links.

#6 | Posted by gracieamazed at 2020-01-10 02:09 PM | Reply

Take all thier guns and ammo no 2 amendment for u. I live in VA and I Support all gun control and I VOTE. Winning!!!

#7 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2020-01-10 04:04 PM | Reply

I'm local in VA and I Support this are you a virginian,Boaz?

#8 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2020-01-10 04:07 PM | Reply


No, I'm from the great Republic of North Carolina. We wouldnt be as stupid as VA to try something like that.

#9 | Posted by boaz at 2020-01-10 10:18 PM | Reply

Hampton Roads...if I need to travel 8 miles to NC, so be it. Democracy in action.

#10 | Posted by Avigdore at 2020-01-11 12:42 PM | Reply

Don't let the door hit you in the ass. VA doesn't need your "ilk" if you choose to leave that will strengthen our Dem voting pool. Winning!!

#11 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2020-01-11 01:49 PM | Reply

It's an 8 minute drive to NC...fool.

#12 | Posted by Avigdore at 2020-01-11 02:00 PM | Reply

Oh god. Who was effeteposeur before changing names due to embarrassment?

#13 | Posted by 101Chairborne at 2020-01-11 04:03 PM | Reply

Its not lost on most of the country....

Iranians, at the risk of their very lives, are fighting for freedom.

Democrats, in VA, are begging the government to take their freedoms away.

#14 | Posted by AndreaMackris at 2020-01-12 01:16 PM | Reply

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