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Friday, March 06, 2020

During his Fox News town hall on Thursday night, President Donald Trump said he planned to propose cuts to government benefit programs like Medicare and Social Security in his second term. The White House spent the hours that followed trying to walk those comments back.

Trump's remarks came in the context of a discussion about the national debt, which has ballooned to historic levels under his presidency despite his 2016 campaign promise to eliminate it entirely. After Trump claimed that cutting the debt would be a focus of his second term, host Martha MacCallum pointed out that "if you don't cut something in entitlements, you'll never really deal with the debt."

But before "you'll never really deal with the debt" even escaped MacCallum's lips, Trump interjected to agree with the first part of her statement " that cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare will be necessary to get the debt under control.


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"Oh, we'll be cutting," he said. "We're also going to have growth like you've never seen before."

Adding a new lie to his old ones.

And the right will lap it right up.


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Either way, Trump and Biden both want to gut social security.

#1 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2020-03-08 04:30 PM | Reply

Don't the people in the White House KNOW that WHAT they're telling the world Trump never said, can actually be heard, by anyone who listens, on the tape of the Faux News town hall?


#2 | Posted by OCUser at 2020-03-08 10:03 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

If Fat Nixon wins in November, they most certainly will be cutting social security and not just for high net worth individuals. They'll be cutting it for everyone because ufck the poor the tax cuts for billionaires have to be paid for by the 99%.

#3 | Posted by Nixon at 2020-03-09 09:16 AM | Reply

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