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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

On the menu today: why leaders in the United States " and around the world " need to be honest with the public during this crisis, especially when it's uncomfortable; serious questions about senators' stock sales before the coronavirus hit; the importance of speed when it comes to economic aid; and the end of the era of political leaders as a form of entertainment.



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Fat Nixon knew it wasn't a hoax, it wasn't contained, it was going to go away in April.

He could have done so much more earlier than he has to head this off and didn't want to hurt his poll numbers. Now the economy and public is suffering because of his hubris.

Louisiana, Atlanta, NYC and now Michigan are getting to the points were death panels will become a reality and ventilators run out.

Thailand tested early. Anyone that was confirmed was taken to the hospital. All testing costs were covered and all care was covered.

The US should have been proactive however when you have a low iq reality tv host pretending to be a leader this is what you get.

Now him and some of the GOP sideshow are calling for people to go back to work even if a few million die from the virus because money is more important to them.

Has Fat Nixon ever been away from a golf course this long in his life? That's the real driver for his lets end it by Easter...he needs to go golfing and his highly leveraged businesses are buckling under the strain of being closed.

Elect a clown, expect a circus.

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