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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Confirmed U.S. coronavirus-related deaths doubled in two days, hitting 2,000 on Saturday evening, based on reporting from state health departments. It took about a month from the first confirmed death for the United States to record 1,000, but the toll has risen rapidly, and officials say the worst is yet to come.



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The sharp rise in fatalities comes as the pandemic's epicenter has shifted to the United States, where reported infections are approaching 120,000 and where President Trump said the federal government may enforce a quarantine on the hard-hit New York area. Officials and health professionals in New York and around the country have been sounding alarms that hospitals are not prepared for an influx of coronavirus patients.
Math is winning while denial is losing in the most unfortunate route of our lifetimes. We had both the time and the opportunity to minimize this, but it's been squandered by a lack of both focus and purpose to marshall a much more dynamic response from the highest levels of our government, especially the President.

These deaths are not the media's fault, they are partially the fault of those claiming that the media accurately reporting the expert's projections was only being done to induce unneeded panic. The enormity of the tragedy itself was rightfully frightening, that wasn't and isn't the media's fault.

The opposite has always been true. The media is reporting the truth that so many wanted to deny. Now thousands upon thousands are paying the price with their lives, perhaps many that wouldn't have had they and our country taken better preparations in defense of what every credible source knew and yelled was inevitably coming if nothing was done to stop it.

#1 | Posted by tonyroma at 2020-03-28 07:57 PM | Reply

Double in two days, yikes. That may be the worst death rate in the history of all death rates.

#2 | Posted by bored at 2020-03-28 08:40 PM | Reply

Exponential growth is tough. Gotta kick some virus ash. Stay home. Starve the beast. Buy some time for immunity or a vaccine. Trump is a stupid,stupid,stupid, stupid,stupid,man and a menace to human health and dignity.

#3 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2020-03-28 09:09 PM | Reply

Not bad for a "Hoax".

#5 | Posted by aborted_monson at 2020-03-28 09:49 PM | Reply

#4 no it's not hilarious. It's sad that you turds have foisted such incompetency on the rest of us and remain steadfast in supporting your mistake.

#6 | Posted by jpw at 2020-03-28 10:33 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Is it 9/11 yet?

#7 | Posted by snoofy at 2020-03-28 10:35 PM | Reply

So that math is predicting what, 2,000 will die by tomorrow? This MAGAvirus is deadly.

#8 | Posted by grumpy_too at 2020-03-28 11:08 PM | Reply


Please stop nagging or we're going to turn this pandemic right around young man.

#9 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2020-03-28 11:17 PM | Reply

#4 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2020-03-28 09:42 PM | Reply | Flag:

Boy those Canadians and Mexicans have really low death rates and infection rates compared to the United states.I wonder if its genetics or could something else explain the strongly reduced rates of covid 19 in those lands?

#10 | Posted by Scotty at 2020-03-29 05:14 AM | Reply

#10 The virus doesn't want to live in mexico any more than the immigrants do and it's not a socialist so it has no interest in Canada.

#11 | Posted by TaoWarrior at 2020-03-29 05:19 AM | Reply

#4 | Posted by SheepleSchism

You're not funny.

He's not funny.

#12 | Posted by Zed at 2020-03-29 09:08 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 3

So 4,000 American dead by tomorrow?

All people who won't see Trump's signature on their relief checks.

#13 | Posted by Zed at 2020-03-29 09:27 AM | Reply

If it's doubling every two days, then we reach one million American dead in way less than one month.

Even MSGT might be impressed with that.

(Got to specify American dead, otherwise it doesn't count).

#14 | Posted by Zed at 2020-03-29 09:34 AM | Reply


#4 | Posted by SheepleSchism

Not really.

Not really funny at all.

Trump wants everything that be about trump. So.

Congratulations .

This is all about trump now. This is his Waterloo. Death is everywhere. Death Is Dancing in the Streets. I hope we learn fast. Visits from the ghost of Christmas past should be a thrill for Trumpy. Every corona death will be another link in his ghostly chains.

#15 | Posted by donnerboy at 2020-03-29 12:10 PM | Reply


When Trump is at the center of the cluster fkcu, it's almost impossible to not include him in the conversation.

#16 | Posted by Whatsleft at 2020-03-29 12:27 PM | Reply


Gee, I wonder why. NOT:

Chris Murphy @ChrisMurphyCT

Just left the Administration briefing on Coronavirus. Bottom line: they aren't taking this seriously enough.

Notably, no request for ANY emergency funding, which is a big mistake. Local health systems need supplies, training, screening staff etc. And they need it now.
10:09 AM Feb 5, 2020

#17 | Posted by Gal_Tuesday at 2020-03-29 01:22 PM | Reply


And here was me thinking that you republikkkans were the party of personal responsibility.

Apparently not.

"Buck? What buck. I don't see a buck. Goddamned Obama."

#18 | Posted by contrecoup at 2020-03-29 01:35 PM | Reply

#2 | Posted by BORED at 2020-03-28 08:40 PM
Double in two days, yikes. That may be the worst death rate in the history of all death rates.
#1 | Posted by TONYROMA at 2020-03-28 07:57 PM
Math is winning...

Math is always winning when it's interpreted and/or extrapolated properly. It's easy to double (*2 = +100%) or assign a multiple of the growth rate over period of time at such an early stage of events, but you can't extrapolate from it that the growth rate will remain the same over extended period of time - it will invariably follow the bell curve (or cumulatively, the S-curve) of growth where, after a peak, the growth rate starts to fall... at which point we would be able to predict with some amount of certainty how long it would take to "die out."

That doesn't mean that Trump's fiddling and belittling other countries' response to another "hoax" while being warned by experts and even professional members of his own administration yet doing less than nothing to prepare the country's readiness to potential epidemic, wasn't atrocious.

#20 | Posted by CutiePie at 2020-03-30 06:00 AM | Reply

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