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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Like some defective and malevolent artificial intelligence that reflexively fires off nuclear missiles long after the world is a blasted radioactive wasteland populated by tribes of cannibal mutants and murderous scavengers, the Trump media machine relentlessly continues its bizarre and destructive propaganda war against America. While armies of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, truck and delivery drivers work in conditions of terror and exhaustion with limited equipment and a rising caseload, The Trump Show rolls on to constant applause and endless praise, an alternate universe impenetrable by tragedy or reality. Ten thousand Americans are dead of COVID-19, but at least the Trump agitprop army is owning the libs.


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The Dear Leader can do no wrong. History is subject to infinite revision. Miracles wrought by his strong hand are on the horizon. What the hell do those doctors and epidemiologists and scientists and public-health officials know, anyway? Those ---- probably voted for Killary, amirite? Why not take Dr. Trump's Magical Covid Killin' Hydrofloximoxicillianranium Wonder Elixir? What do you have to lose?

The brief bubble of rally-round-the-flag polling is deflating for Trump. Delay and denial for two months, even in Trump's America, comes at a cost.

While America increasingly"and correctly"lays much of the blame for this crisis on Donald Trump's horrifyingly inept performance, the Trump media machine keeps feeding his base political Brawndo. As the rest of America fights the viral tide and readies for the worst, Trump's media army is doing its best to rewrite his failures into triumphs, his lies into gospel, and his petty grievances into righteous battles.

You would think that at long last the people who have empowered Donald Trump from the beginning would stare into their hearts and reassess their slavish obedience. You would think that the daily body count would strike some chord deep in their souls. You would think that his base at long last would see past the bluster and bullshit and finally, at long last, demand something more of him.

That's where you would be wrong.

Donald Trump and his enablers love every second of the media circus surrounding this crisis. Every. Second.

For Trump himself, it's what he always craves: attention, the spotlight, and the sole focus of everyone, everywhere. This is entirely a reality show for him, a daily opportunity to play to the camera. Like a monkey behind the wrought-iron White House fences throwing rhetorical feces at his chosen enemies, praiseturbating over his own brilliance, and retconning reality to suit his political and ego needs, Trump's only regret about COVID-19 is that the show will someday end.


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