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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

A recent study out of Beijing examined 16 patients with COVID-19 and found that half continued to test positive even after their symptoms, such as cough and fever, ended. Those patients had "markers of shedding," indicating they could still spread the disease for up to eight days after they recovered.



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Two other studies from Wuhan, China, found similar evidence, suggesting that people are still contagious after they've clinically recovered. On average, people with COVID-19 shed or emit the virus for 20 days, with some shedding it for up to 37 days.

One of the major obstacles that's prevented us from gathering more evidence on how long the virus sheds is the ongoing lack of widespread testing. In the United States, we barely have enough tests to evaluate those who are presenting symptoms for the first time, let alone people who are coming back for a second test.

Health experts have a few guesses as to why some people may test positive for days, even weeks after they recover. There's a big gap in knowledge regarding if and how people shed viruses after recovering from the illness. Post-recovery shedding has been under-researched, not just with COVID-19 but other infections as well.

Given the rapid spread and infectivity of COVID-19, it may be wise to continue staying home for some time even after recovering from the disease if you know you had it.

This is why testing is so important. There is so much unknown about this virus and its interaction with the human body. The good thing is that with each passing day the world's doctors and scientists gather more and more data that eventually will lead us to vaccines and much better understandings of this virus' pathology.

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