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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Over the past three weeks, the [televised briefing] tally comes to more than 13 hours of Trump -- including two hours spent on attacks and 45 minutes praising himself and his administration, but just 4 minutes expressing condolences for coronavirus victims. He spent twice as much time promoting an unproven antimalarial drug that was the object of a Food and Drug Administration warning Friday. Trump also said something false or misleading in nearly a quarter of his prepared comments or answers to questions, the analysis shows.



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The briefings have come to replace Trump's "Keep America Great" campaign rallies " now on pause during the global contagion " and fulfill the president's needs and impulses in the way his arena-shaking campaign events once did: a chance for him to riff, free-associate, spar with the media and occupy center stage.

Trump has attacked someone in 113 out of 346 questions he has answered " or a third of his responses. He has offered false or misleading information in nearly 25 percent of his remarks. And he has played videos praising himself and his administration's efforts three times, including one that was widely derided as campaign propaganda produced by White House aides at taxpayer expense.

"These press conferences are 10 minutes of information, if you're lucky, and an hour and a half of self-congratulations and misinformation," said Guy Cecil, chairman of Priorities USA, the largest Democratic super PAC, which supports Biden. "It is the distillation of a Trump rally. It is the personification of a Trump rally."

There has never been an American President that personalizes each and every issue facing this nation into an us versus them dynamic. Coronavirus is not attacking partisans, it's infecting Americans of all stripes - some of certain characteristics and geography more than others - but the virus is not blue or red. Trump is rightly criticized for the things he's done and said along with those he hasn't done nor said - most of which are criticized for being the wrong choice regardless of politics. But that will not stop Trump from making everything about politics, even in a worldwide pandemic.

Only Trump could turn efforts to save Americans lives through vocally advocating distinctive actions proven to stem the virus' spread in other western countries into a personal affront to his own political desires. It's too bad that nearly 4 years in Trump still hasn't realized he's supposed to put the needs of the nation before his own. But he's incapable of doing that and thousands of Americans are losing their lives and having their health permanently affected as a result.

#1 | Posted by tonyroma at 2020-04-26 01:46 PM | Reply

Thank you, Tony.

You've just described the exact reason why GOPers in the Senate and House are seeing less and less daylight between them and their chances of being re-elected in November.

Although none of them have the courage of a gutter snipe, they do have the GOP instinct to save #1 (themselves) at all cost. I'm waiting to see if Mitch McConnell can convince Trump to change course, which is akin to asking Trump to fix something that he doesn't consider broken.

#2 | Posted by Twinpac at 2020-04-26 10:57 PM | Reply


Just wild.

#3 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2020-04-27 12:38 AM | Reply

260,000 Words, Full of Self-Praise, From Trump on the Virus

The New York Times analyzed every word Mr. Trump spoke at his White House briefings and other presidential remarks on the virus " more than 260,000 words " from March 9, when the outbreak began leading to widespread disruptions in daily life, through mid-April. The transcripts show striking patterns and repetitions in the messages he has conveyed, revealing a display of presidential hubris and self-pity unlike anything historians say they have seen before.

By far the most recurring utterances from Mr. Trump in the briefings are self-congratulations, roughly 600 of them, which are often predicated on exaggerations and falsehoods. He does credit others (more than 360 times) for their work, but he also blames others (more than 110 times) for inadequacies in the state and federal response.

Mr. Trump's attempts to display empathy or appeal to national unity (about 160 instances) amount to only a quarter of the number of times he complimented himself or a top member of his team.

#4 | Posted by tonyroma at 2020-04-27 09:55 AM | Reply

So in other words, he's doing exactly what every person who spews hate across party lines is doing. Didn't need an article to know that, just read DR comments and you will see it constantly.

#5 | Posted by humtake at 2020-04-27 12:52 PM | Reply

Didn't need an article to know that, just read DR comments and you will see it constantly.

I can handle -------- like you on the DR spreading hate across party lines. It's when the POTUS steps up to the plate to take swings that should give everyone pause. He's not average Joe Q citizen, HUMTAKE. He's the ------- President of the Free World. Different standards for him, isn't there?

#6 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2020-04-27 02:01 PM | Reply

Articles like this miss the point. Normal people don't care about how many hours or minutes or times a politician prevaricated or acted like a politician. People do care about specific beats, which is why we should focus on the quality of Trump's ------- rather than diluting them with the quantity of them.

#7 | Posted by sentinel at 2020-04-27 03:30 PM | Reply

we should focus on the quality of Trump's ------- rather than diluting them with the quantity of them.

There's plenty of sources covering exactly that.

This article provides deeper context for those interested.

#8 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2020-04-27 03:56 PM | Reply

"This article provides deeper context for those interested."

That's a roundabout way of saying it's preaching to the choir.

#9 | Posted by sentinel at 2020-04-27 04:14 PM | Reply

That's a roundabout way of saying it's preaching to the choir.

Well, you're not wrong. I would imagine anyone interested reading an article fixated on the amount of time the POTUS spends on these briefings and a breakdown of content would more than likely be anti-Trump than those die-hards attempting to defend him at every turn.

#10 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2020-04-27 04:33 PM | Reply

Now he's doing a China blamefest.

#11 | Posted by REDIAL at 2020-04-27 06:52 PM | Reply

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