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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Pelosi has reportedly spent the last weeks meeting with members of her caucus and preparing what would likely be a bipartisan plan to help Americans. When the C-SPAN interviewer noted that Trump said that House was "on vacation," Pelosi said it wasn't worth discussing what Trump thinks about the process. "You know what, don't waste your time or mine on what he says," she said.



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More people should follow Pelosi's advice. Stop giving Trump your oxygen.

#1 | Posted by sentinel at 2020-05-10 02:02 AM | Reply

Fat Nixon is the only person that can lies with 180% of the things he says.

#2 | Posted by Nixon at 2020-05-11 12:52 PM | Reply

And it is vitally important that we react to and discuss all 180% of those lies. That will surely defeat him. Who cares what Pelosi thinks. She is just a junior member of Congress who never accomplished anything.

#3 | Posted by sentinel at 2020-05-11 02:21 PM | Reply

Sentinel. Do you know how the NASA logo was created? That's where you should start. Then you can understand why your line of arguments is foolish.

#4 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2020-05-12 01:04 AM | Reply

"Do you know how the NASA logo was created?"

Pfft; everyone knows it was stolen from Trump's Space Force.

#5 | Posted by Danforth at 2020-05-12 01:11 AM | Reply

There's a lesson in there for Sentinel. The hint is even Tricky Dick.

#6 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2020-05-12 10:07 AM | Reply

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