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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The other night, midway through watching a clip from "Plandemic" - a documentary that went viral on social media last week, spreading baseless lies and debunked nonsense about the coronavirus to millions of Americans overnight - I had a terrifying thought:

What if we get a Covid-19 vaccine and half the country refuses to take it?

It occurred to me that all the misinformation we've seen so far - the false rumors that 5G cellphone towers fuel the coronavirus, that drinking bleach or injecting UV rays can cure it, that Dr. Anthony Fauci is part of an anti-Trump conspiracy - may be just the warm-up act for a much bigger information war when an effective vaccine becomes available to the public.

This war could pit public health officials and politicians against an anti-vaccination movement that floods social media with misinformation, conspiracy theories and propaganda aimed at convincing people that the vaccine is a menace rather than a lifesaving, economy-rescuing miracle.



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Probably not half but a significant portion will definitely refuse.

I moonlight as a line cook some nights and weekends and I was sitting at the bar after a shift about two weeks ago and there were these two ladies having a drink waiting for their to go orders. One of them is a nurse and starts talking about how she won't get the vaccine when it comes out. I ask her why and she starts talking about Bill Gates and people being forced to accept an injected microchip with the vaccine and how it's untested and we know nothing about the virus and looks who's pushing it, you definitely shouldn't trust them.

I was shocked.

She stopped once I told her what I do for my day job and the conversation was quickly changed LOL but holy hell! A nurse! And she's probably telling people that opinion too and they're believing it because she's a medical professional.

#1 | Posted by jpw at 2020-05-13 12:56 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 3

My coworker was telling me today that he was in line to go inside Home Depot over the weekend and was talking to the guy in front of him in line. The man ahead of him supposedly told him that he iss a local Dr here at the hospital and that if he was taking his vitamin C and zinc like he would each year to avoid flu that he would be just fine. Said coworker ate it up and is telling anyone that will listen, that this Dr wasnt wearing a mask and says just take your vitamins.

Also, people around here are freaking out because I live at the Washington/Idaho border and if they go over to Washington to eat in a restaurant they will be required to give their phone number and email address for contact tracing in case someone tests positive. They swear this is somehow limiting their freedom. I disagree, they still have the freedom to not go eat at those restaurants, and in all honesty if you call in an order for delivery or carry out you always give your phone number anyway. I dont see the difference. Just imagine the panic if they hear they should get a new vaccine...

#2 | Posted by justagirl_idaho at 2020-05-13 01:56 PM | Reply

The world will be better off if Bill makes a vaccine for a very deadly, highly infectious, but long incubation period virus. Kinda like Ebola HIV.

Distribute the vaccine for free then release the virus.

US housing will be affordable, traffic will be better, social media wont cause brain tumors.


#3 | Posted by bored at 2020-05-13 02:53 PM | Reply

"What if we get a Covid-19 vaccine and half the country refuses to take it?"

Would you feel comfortable taking a brand new vaccine that was developed under the Trump administration? Have we forgotten what happened under Gerald Ford?

I'm definitely no anti-vaxxer, but I would pass on the first wave vaccines for this virus, and maybe even the second.

#4 | Posted by sentinel at 2020-05-16 12:22 AM | Reply

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