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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A postal carrier in Pendleton County is accused of committing attempted election fraud by taking requests for Democratic absentee ballots and re-marking them as requests for Republican ballots. Mail carrier Thomas Cooper, 47, of Dry Fork was charged with "attempt to defraud the residents of West Virginia of a fair election." The charge was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia. The investigator was Bennie Cogar of the West Virginia Attorney General's Office and on behalf of the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office. Cogar swore an affidavit, which was included with the filing. "Had Cooper's conduct not been detected, it would have caused the Clerk to give Republican ballots to 5 Democrat voters " skewing the primary election by 5 votes and thereby defrauding all West Virginians of a fair election," Cogar stated in the affidavit.



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The perp displaying average Right-wing intelligence...
...there were additional markings in black ink to underscore original requests made in blue ink...

But I'm sure he learned this trick from his hero...
Cooper, according to the affidavit, responded , "Yeah I [did it] as a joke ... "

I'm sure he'll be cracking them up in federal prison.

#1 | Posted by TFDNihilist at 2020-05-27 06:01 AM | Reply

Hey, the Repubs govern in poor faith to support their claim that government sucks.

It's no wonder they would commit voter fraud to support their claims of voter fraud being a critical issue.

#2 | Posted by jpw at 2020-05-27 10:53 AM | Reply

Trump pardon incoming.

#3 | Posted by Sycophant at 2020-05-27 12:39 PM | Reply

So..a postal carrier is trying to help the party that would like nothing more than to eliminate his employer and put him out of work. The GOP does love & depend on those ignorant voters.

#4 | Posted by HeeHaw at 2020-05-27 01:12 PM | Reply

Once again, the ills that Republicans see in the world is really just their reflection.

#5 | Posted by johnny_hotsauce at 2020-05-27 06:59 PM | Reply

Trump pardon incoming.

#3 | Posted by Sycophant at 2020-05-27 12:39 PM | Reply | Flag

You think a postal carrier has a cool million lying around to buy it like Loeffler?

#6 | Posted by Nixon at 2020-05-28 06:24 AM | Reply

"Told you!" - Donald Trump

#7 | Posted by Derek_Wildstar at 2020-05-28 02:40 PM | Reply

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