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Sunday, July 05, 2020

Cleveland manager Terry Francona won't sidestep the hot-button topic any longer. He believes the Indians need to change their contentious nickname. "I think it's time to move forward," Francona said Sunday. The team's announcement -- an initial step toward a possible name change -- came hours after the NFL's Washington Redskins said they will undergo a review of their name and logo.



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A rebrand could be a big money maker for them. I know a lot of baseball fans who would immediate buy up some Cleveland Spider merch even if they aren't fans of the team.

#1 | Posted by johnny_hotsauce at 2020-07-05 04:57 PM | Reply

As a life long Expo fan and watching a promising rookie, Terry Francona, tear up his knee on the dreaded Big Owe warning track, I fully support this decision. Times are changing and we need to evolve. If you think otherwise, well I suggest you re-watch Pekinpah's timeless 1969 classic. You should get the message

#2 | Posted by CrisisStills at 2020-07-05 04:57 PM | Reply

Tedskins is offensive to Native Americans???? Who knew? Oh year right, everyone. It's about time, do it quickly, no more delay or obfuscation. Pick a new name and get on with it. How about the "No Names."

#3 | Posted by danni at 2020-07-05 07:24 PM | Reply

How about one of these catchy names:
-The Cleveland Rocks
-The Horn Dogs (Thanks! Drew Carey)
-The Polish Boys
-The Cleveland North Coast Surfers
-The Cuyahoga Flames
-The Cleveland Rock Hallers

#4 | Posted by catdog at 2020-07-06 01:01 PM | Reply

The -----------------s

#5 | Posted by schifferbrains at 2020-07-06 01:34 PM | Reply

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