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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Steve Benen: Mitch McConnell may be the Senate's most powerful leader, but he's a hardball tactician, not a legislator. Indeed, in recent months, as the nation struggled to deal with a deadly pandemic and its far-reaching effects, McConnell has been largely irrelevant and struggling in his role.



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In the spring, when congressional Democrats were passing an ambitious economic aid package, eager to stay ahead of looming deadlines, McConnell insisted on doing nothing, saying he preferred to "pause" rather than act. Now, evidently, he's eager to "get a deal done."

But there's a difference between endorsing negotiations and actually working on a meaningful, bipartisan agreement.

Even when he unveiled what was supposed to be his party's economic aid package in late July, McConnell discovered many of his own members hated the plan.

What we're witnessing, in other words, is a classic example of a post-policy party in a position in which it's supposed to govern responsibly, but it doesn't know how.

If the McGrath campaign doesn't make Mitch's total inability to actually legislate for the people (outside of fast-tracking unqualified hacks into lifetime federal bench seats) then it's committing political malfeasance.

Actually, this message should echo throughout every single Democratic senatorial race all across America. Mitch McConnell has turned "The World's Greatest Deliberative Body" into a self-proclaimed fetid mausoleum where House bills go to die as the American public struggles with real world problems his malgovernance continues to ignore.

McConnell broke the Senate and he doesn't know how to fix it. The best way forward is to make sure he's no longer an impediment to its proper functioning.

#1 | Posted by tonyroma at 2020-08-12 10:35 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

McConnell is a purely negative force in politics. He can lead already evil bastards into greater depravity. He cannot get any of them to work competently with anyone not already corrupted by the system and their limited worldviews.

He can push the caucus to greater self destructive selfishness but not appeal to anyone's gentler angels.

He is another evil piece of ---- who will die in disgrace and be forgotten before his corpse is cold.

#2 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2020-08-12 10:59 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

It's an absolute shame just how far Mitch McConnell has allowed this Republican-misled Senate devolve into little more than a rubber stamp for whatever Trump addled mind comes up with.

No jobs, no relief for staying in homes and apartments, no extended food assistance, and no clue whatsoever how precarious and stressful live is for tens of millions now living on the edge through no fault of their own (and fully because of this President's refusal to follow what has been effective everywhere else for wrestling the virus into some form of submission) while Mitch looks down on them from above one of his numerous chins.

Election day is fastly coming and Mitch hopefully will find himself going.

#3 | Posted by tonyroma at 2020-08-12 03:51 PM | Reply

And the Republicans talk about the economy all the time but then don't want to give assistance to struggling Americans and that will have the opposite affect they say they want. The economy is going to get much worse and they are causing it. Not smart politically for them or Trump.

#4 | Posted by danni at 2020-08-12 04:06 PM | Reply

Smart,ain't their thing. Selfish,and corrupt,they prop up assets long enough to sell before prices collapse using their office to get inside info before the crash.

They destroy the greater economy for their own gain.

Smart policy would be limited support to banks and equity markets and massive support to the general public to maintain demand for goods and services. Top down is stupid. Bottom up will "git her done".

#5 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2020-08-12 04:31 PM | Reply

McConnell is the epitome of what is wrong with American politics. What exactly has he accomplished for the average American in the last decade? He even failed to make President Obama a one-time-Prez.

#6 | Posted by bingy at 2020-08-12 04:34 PM | Reply

Moscow Mitch broke GOP law in that picture. Can you spot it?

#7 | Posted by a_monson at 2020-08-12 04:43 PM | Reply

Answer: Wearing a tan suit.

#8 | Posted by a_monson at 2020-08-12 04:43 PM | Reply

Answer: Wearing a tan suit.

He's just trying not to clash with the gaudy gold drapes and carpet.

#9 | Posted by REDIAL at 2020-08-12 04:52 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

Nonsense. He did a great job legislating a massive tax cut for the rich and a massively bigger budget deficit.

And a great job keeping trump from getting impeached for crimes he DID commit.

That's all the repub party is about these days. Tax cuts for the rich, debt for everyone else, protecting trump, and preventing people from voting.

#10 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2020-08-12 08:21 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

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