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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Charlotte Clymer: The fallen service members I helped receive and carry during the journey to their final resting place were selfless and heroic, not losers or suckers.



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A well written article that made me choke up a little, and feel just a little more pride about our military, and our commitment to them.

#1 | Posted by Name_is_No_One at 2020-09-08 04:25 PM | Reply | Funny: 1 | Newsworthy 1

Does the person have a name?

#2 | Posted by Sniper at 2020-09-08 05:00 PM | Reply

Does the person have a name?


Why? Do you want to send the person hate mail?

#3 | Posted by Whatsleft at 2020-09-08 05:52 PM | Reply

Syrio Forel

#4 | Posted by Name_is_No_One at 2020-09-08 06:20 PM | Reply

In Trumps world, he never falls, he's only pushed.

#5 | Posted by LesWit at 2020-09-09 12:24 AM | Reply

Yep... Trumpibunkerboi done poked the sacred cow.

Shame on him

#6 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2020-09-09 01:46 AM | Reply

This casket bearer is pretty naive, we've known what Drumpf was all along. He denigrated John McCain's military service, calling into question whether he was a war hero because he was captured. He publicly feuded with TWO seperate Gold Star Families. He couldn't even be bothered to learn Sgt. La David Johnson's name before his phone call with his Gold Star Widow. This was ALL known for over two years. Why would it surprise anybody that Drumpf would call soldiers who went to Vietnam "Losers" because they couldn't avoid service the way he dodged the draft, or that he would question why somebody would pay the ultimate sacrifice for the love of his/her country.

Drumpf has never sacrificed in his life, he can't even spell or define the word "sacrifice." He is on tape commenting that avoiding an STI (and I'm not convinced that he did, knowing the kind of women he likes to bed and that he refuses to wear protection) was his own personal Vietnam. When asked if he had ever sacrificed, Drumpf could not come up with even one example from his life, he thought that building structures was somehow an example of sacrifice.

The fact that John Kelly has not spoken out in defense of Drumpf during this latest crisis is very telling. He defended Drumpf over the dustup with Sgt. Johnson's widow and Representative Wilson. They had to roll out the self-admitted liar Sarah Slanders out to defend him. I'm sure Drumpf called John Kelly who more than likely rebuffed him. Kelly hasn't denied that Drumpf made those comments at his son's grave, which means THIS HAPPENED! This is REALLY how Drumpf feels about our troops, "Losers" and "Suckers," and that wounded warriors should be hidden from sight rather than celebrated for their service. We're already having a suicide crisis in our military and among US veterans, imagine who they feel now that the true feelings of their "Commander of Cheese" toward them and their sacrifice has become public.

#7 | Posted by _Gunslinger_ at 2020-09-09 02:43 PM | Reply

"I Never Thought a US President Would Insult the Fallen"

W. Bush insulted them when he banned the media from taking pictures of their flag-draped caskets coming home at Dover AFB.

#8 | Posted by snoofy at 2020-09-09 04:54 PM | Reply

It's been proven Trump didnt say those things. But you continue on with your fake news.

#9 | Posted by boaz at 2020-09-09 05:30 PM | Reply




Your proof is just as much hearsay as the accusations.

But you continue with your distorted version of reality. It explains so much about the perspectives you share here on the DR, including your BLATANT willful ignorance.

#10 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2020-09-09 05:53 PM | Reply

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