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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Last summer, oil and gas-industry groups were lobbying to overturn federal rules on leaks of natural gas, a major contributor to climate change. Their message: The companies had emissions under control.

In private, the lobbyists were saying something very different.

At a discussion convened last year by the Independent Petroleum Association of America, a group that represents energy companies, participants worried that producers were intentionally flaring, or burning off, far too much natural gas, threatening the industry's image, according to a recording of the meeting reviewed by The New York Times.



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I'm so curious what they have in mind, what kind of heart-swelling behavior can be associated with burning fuels and fracturing the landscape? What "future" for the oil and gas industry could they have in mind? How fascinating, to witness this re-association of what is obviously a hideous remnant of a bygone industry into a nostalgia that must be preserved! Would they dredge up some kind of mascot to lead this charge? Perhaps a leaky pipe is too literal and gimmicky but falling around in his own slicks is metaphorically accurate. Put a wig on it, maybe a neck tat and a cigar - the everyman or just a bunch of homoerotic triggers, this mutant plumbing nightmare is going to be touching hearts with it's slick little tentacles and seep gobs of googly-eyed endearment all over American minds. Imagine a gas station in space with our mascot slithering around fueling up all kinds of alien craft. It would be disgustingly ironic if he fueled up a space whale, but so very fun showing how history re-writes itself in self-referential industrial propaganda. The space whale and the fuel demon are friends!

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