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Monday, October 05, 2020

Donald Trump's erratic and reckless behavior in the last 24 hours has opened a rift in the Trump family over how to rein in the out-of-control president, according to two Republicans briefed on the family conversations. Sources said Donald Trump Jr. is deeply upset by his father's decision to drive around Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last night with members of the Secret Service while he was infected with COVID-19. "Don Jr. thinks Trump is acting crazy," one of the sources told me.


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According to sources, Don Jr. has told friends that he tried lobbying Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Jared Kushner to convince the president that he needs to stop acting unstable. "Don Jr. has said he wants to stage an intervention, but Jared and Ivanka keep telling Trump how great he's doing," a source said.


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... "Don Jr. thinks Trump is acting crazy," ...

He is only now noticing?

That says too much about Don Jr's judgment, imo.

#1 | Posted by LampLighter at 2020-10-05 01:32 PM | Reply

Every day Fred Sr. would go to the office in Brooklyn and they would give him blank papers to sort through and sign.

Ugh, there's some commonality here...

#2 | Posted by horstngraben at 2020-10-05 01:41 PM | Reply

This doesn't pass the smell test.

That stunt seems right in the Trump wheelhouse.......

#3 | Posted by brass30 at 2020-10-05 02:28 PM | Reply

Why does anyone listen to anything these morons say?

#4 | Posted by JOE at 2020-10-05 02:33 PM | Reply

"a source said"

It's Vanity Fair. So maybe, maybe not.

#5 | Posted by Whatsleft at 2020-10-05 02:39 PM | Reply

"Don Jr. has said he wants to stage an intervention, but Jared and Ivanka keep telling Trump how great he's doing,"

It's sad how these three are standard bearers for the GOP, despite zero experience or even interest in politics -- other than personal enrichment.

But it's also a stunningly appropriate display of GOP values.

#6 | Posted by snoofy at 2020-10-05 02:42 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 3

@#5 ... It's Vanity Fair. ...

There's a reporter for Vanity Fair that has shown she has some solid contacts within the White House.

I don't know the track record of the reporter who wrote the cited article, though.

#7 | Posted by LampLighter at 2020-10-05 02:58 PM | Reply

The Corona virus had devastated the Whitehouse. Who's in charge? Orange Jesus has flown the Cuckoo's nest and he doesn't trust Pence to run things. Orange Jesus had trouble walking down ramps and lifting a glass of water before Covid. He often couldn't string a coherent sentence together. How bad is it? It is so bad they have to lie to you. They pulled a weak end at Bernie's on you with the limo. They have him signing blank pieces of paper. The most powerful country in the world has lost the ships captain.

#8 | Posted by iloveyou at 2020-10-05 03:02 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Anytime he wants to Don can have his crazy old man committed to a retire at home.

#9 | Posted by Tor at 2020-10-05 07:50 PM | Reply

Do to his dad what his dad did to his dad.

#10 | Posted by hamburglar at 2020-10-05 08:05 PM | Reply

#4 Why does anyone listen to anything these morons say?

The canary is still chirping so I'll listen.

#11 | Posted by LesWit at 2020-10-05 10:09 PM | Reply

Trump is doing what he does.

He thinks this is a show. He thinks the President's job is a show. He has to play a part. His show sucks as the part he wants to play is idiot, apparently.

#12 | Posted by klifferd at 2020-10-05 10:37 PM | Reply

Movie Version

"I tried to stop him!" Junior screams at the judge as he's led back to his holding cell to await sentencing.

#13 | Posted by Twinpac at 2020-10-06 05:01 AM | Reply

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