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Thursday, November 19, 2020

President Donald Trump is trying to turn America's free and fair election into a muddled mess of misinformation, specious legal claims and baseless attacks on the underpinnings of the nation's democracy. The resulting chaos and confusion that has created isn't the byproduct of Trump's strategy following his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden. The chaos and confusion is the strategy.



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The chaos and confusion is the strategy.

Posted by lamplighter

The only people buying into it are his chaotic and confused supporters, but I assume that is the point.

Trumpites, collectively, behave like they were raised in dysfunctional families.

#1 | Posted by Zed at 2020-11-19 10:26 AM | Reply

Sounds like Trump is following the orders from Putin. I've said since the election in 2016, Trump is a traitor. He owes his soul to Putin and other Russian oligarchs.

#2 | Posted by danni at 2020-11-19 11:00 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

If Trumper's don't believe in the election or voting process, maybe they will stop voting all together? :)

#3 | Posted by a_monson at 2020-11-20 05:02 AM | Reply

Welcome to 2020.

Pleased to meet you hope you guessed my name.

#4 | Posted by TaoWarrior at 2020-11-20 06:31 AM | Reply

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