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Saturday, December 05, 2020

David Roberts: What we do know is that Republicans will wage full-on war on Biden from the second he takes office. They will generate fake conspiracies and controversies through right-wing media and social media. The only thing Biden will have real control over is his administration and what it does. And his North Star, his organizing principle, should be doing as much good on as many fronts as fast as possible. Blitz.



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The administration should staff up as rapidly as possible with ambitious young progressives and tell every single civil servant that the next two years are going to be a full sprint. Start immediately rewriting and reimplementing the environmental, public health, and worker safety regulations Trump has weakened. Reverse his immigration policies. Drop his lawsuits.

All of these moves will elicit howls of outrage and court challenges from the right. Many will also infuriate the left, since they will inevitably fall short of Biden's grand campaign promises.

Biden can't control any of that. Doing less, negotiating more, relying on clever sequencing, chasing after receding promises of cooperation - none of that will solve anything, any more than it did for Obama. He can reach across the aisle, make it clear his door is open, but he shouldn't wait around for anyone to walk in.

Biden's best chance is to try to overwhelm the system the way Trump did, by doing so much that it's impossible to make any one thing into a lasting story. He should launch so many simultaneous reforms that there's no time for right-wing media to make up lies about all of them or for the Supreme Court to hear them all. He should ignore bad-faith attacks and stay relentlessly on message about what's gotten done and what's getting done next. He should, at every juncture, get caught trying to make government work better for ordinary people.

To succeed, all this must happen alongside Democratic Party efforts to improve messaging and media, get persistent party infrastructure on the ground in communities the party has neglected, and innovate on voter outreach and persuasion.

But Biden has something the rest of the party at the federal level does not have: the power to improve Americans' lives in a visible way. The best thing Biden can do, morally and politically, is act, as much and as fast as possible, and then talk about it, and do more of it, and talk about it more. (And he should be clear about exactly who stands in the way of bigger, better changes, and why his name is Mitch McConnell.)

The rest of it, he should ignore: the Washington chatter about the latest Republican accusations or catty infighting among Democratic factions, the cable news story or Twitter drama of the day, the latest offensive thing Trump or some Trump surrogate said, all of it. Bulldoze through it.

Damn. What Roberts says makes all the sense in the world - both politically and realistically - as a matter of actually getting things done and turned around from the disastrous error of Trump. Unless a Georgia miracle happens on January 5th, Joe Biden does indeed need to do as much as he can possibly do to make things better for all Americans through his executive powers and flood the zone with (at least from our side) positive orders and actions that non-1%ers desperately need. Blitz like a mofo and keep on blitzing every day so just like Trump, the right won't be able to focus on any one thing for very long before they move on to the next egregious thing that Biden might do to help Americans - even those in rural, red states.

#1 | Posted by tonyroma at 2020-12-04 09:20 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

"Republicans will wage full-on war on Biden from the second he takes office"

Like planning his impeachment before he even gets started?
Don't start whining until you own starting it all.

#2 | Posted by phesterOBoyle at 2020-12-05 01:57 PM | Reply | Funny: 1


What is there to own?

If you want someone to own something, you have to be more specific.

1. Who was planning President Trump's impeachment before he got started?

2. What time do you mean when you say: " before he got started".

and speaking of whining...

* ahem *

#3 | Posted by TrueBlue at 2020-12-05 02:27 PM | Reply

It's telling that two consecutive Republican presidents left their successors an economy in shambles and a war, Biden's war one against an invisible enemy. It's hard to conceive why anyone would have voted for more of that, but seventy million stupid Americans did by casting their votes for Trump.

#4 | Posted by AMERICANUNITY at 2020-12-05 02:38 PM | Reply

Biden should ask all Obama era bureaucrats all the way from lowly assistants up to and including the Cabinet heads to return as consultants with the assignment to implement all these changes as mentioned in this article.

By bringing in those who were in those jobs before, they would have the institutional knowledge to pull it off as quickly as this article recommends.

Once this is in place, they can all go away and let the Biden specific people continue on.

#5 | Posted by prius04 at 2020-12-05 03:05 PM | Reply

Like planning his impeachment before he even gets started?
Don't start whining until you own starting it all.

#2 | Posted by phesterOBoyle

Lets see... did that happen BEFORE of AFTER mcconnell pledged to block obama on everything and make him a one term president?

If you don't want your cult leader to be impeached, pick a cult leader who doesn't do anything impeachable, not one who coordinates with our enemies to cheat elections.

#6 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2020-12-05 03:16 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 4

Like planning his impeachment before he even gets started?
Don't start whining until you own starting it all.

Idiot, heal thyself!

How the GOP is already working on how to impeach Hillary Clinton if she wins

Nov 2, 2016, 4:22 PM - Some Republican lawmakers seem to be trying to delegitimize a Hillary Clinton presidency before it's clear there will be one. They are threatening to block her Supreme Court nominees, investigate her endlessly, or even impeach her.

What a self-retorting retort by our resident moron.

#7 | Posted by tonyroma at 2020-12-05 03:27 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 4

Ha! The good ol NO YUO deflense (sic)

#8 | Posted by phesterOBoyle at 2020-12-05 03:42 PM | Reply

It's the good ol throw a trooll into the water under the brige (sic)

#9 | Posted by bocaink at 2020-12-05 06:18 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

~garlic burp

#10 | Posted by phesterOBoyle at 2020-12-05 06:25 PM | Reply

Ha! The good ol NO YUO deflense (sic)

#8 | Posted by phesterOBoyle

Tell me, who on the obama team went to jail for giving political polling data to putin and lying about it, like Manafort did for trump?

#11 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2020-12-05 08:18 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

The progressive wish list that obviously isn't happening as Joe's admin doesn't really have any in it:

1) $500 million a year on "clean energy". Last time that was massive corporate handouts. Tesla had to create make-work after buying Solar Cities factories to meet government mandates, solar production is not going to happen here.
2) Forgive student debt. A massive handout to people that will already earn more in life.
3) Expand Immigration. Okay, but with high unemployment? DACA comes back, that's about it.
4) Legal weed. Will never pass the Senate for another 5-10 years imho.
5) Reverse Trump air pollution and lead poisoning EOs. Easy enough.
6) Crackdown on factory farming. It's really mild, it's undoing some EOs that have to do with processing line speeds. Some anti-science will happen here with attacks on hunting limits.
7) A Postal Banking System. This might happen, one of the biggest money losers in government will become a free bank. Oh wait, they checked that, it will be a service fee based bank.. like all service fee based banks it a response to.
8) "Crack Down on Wall Street". Don't hold your breath, but we might see the return of some mild reforms.
9) "Crack Down on Monopolies". Google (they appoint google Execs to the Pentagon, so no), Big Ag (after that farm bill? no), Big Pharma (with Covid going on? no).
10) Expanded Access to Healthcare. I'm not going to touch that one.

#12 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2020-12-06 11:19 AM | Reply

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