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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A race by Democrats to remove President Donald Trump from office is gathering momentum as some of his fellow Republicans begin to break ranks.



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"House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, a Trump ally who has said he opposes impeachment, has reportedly decided not to ask rank-and-file members of the party to vote against the measure.

According to the New York Times, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has told confidants he is pleased Democrats want to impeach the president because he believes it will help rid the Republican party of Mr Trump.

Mr McConnell has also told associates he believes the president committed impeachable offences, reports the Washington Post.

In the time it took Air Force One to fly Donald Trump back from the Texas border on Tuesday, the political ground crumbled beneath his feet.

And even before the riot at the US Capitol, Mr Trump was increasingly viewed as a political liability with dwindling power. His scorched-earth challenge to the election results probably cost Republicans two Senate seats in Georgia, and there has been scant proof that Mr Trump boosts the party's electoral chances when his name is not on the ballot.

Mr McConnell, among others, may be mulling whether a clean break with Trump is better for their political futures, even if it means working with Democrats to do the job."

I'll believe it when I see it.

#1 | Posted by Corky at 2021-01-13 01:29 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Republicans put a nickel in the jukebox for Trump....

Otis Rush - "I Can't Quit You, Baby" (So I'll Just Put You Down for a While)

#2 | Posted by Corky at 2021-01-13 01:55 AM | Reply

Too little, too late.

#3 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2021-01-13 02:39 PM | Reply

Apparently there's 6 House GOP votes for impeachment now.

The question will be, if it's even a question, what the Senate will do. Will Mitch stand up and make a speech about why he's voting to convict? Will a vote come weeks after the 20th?

Only The Shadow Knows.

#4 | Posted by Corky at 2021-01-13 02:43 PM | Reply

Trump won't face impeachment trial until after inauguration as McConnell rejects emergency session

#5 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2021-01-13 02:52 PM | Reply

The Shadow says Mitch won't convene for a trial until the 19th, so yeah, that will be after Trump leaves.

#6 | Posted by Corky at 2021-01-13 02:52 PM | Reply

lol, rsty

#7 | Posted by Corky at 2021-01-13 02:53 PM | Reply

As I try to process all the news and events coming out of DC, I sigh contentedly to myself as I remember that just last week the Democrats gained a majority in the Senate. We now have the House, the Senate and the Presidency. A new day is dawning. God Bless America.

#8 | Posted by moder8 at 2021-01-13 02:57 PM | Reply


Time to celebrate coming soon!

I already started:

#9 | Posted by Corky at 2021-01-13 03:04 PM | Reply

You got your Mojo working. Keep you Mojo risin'. I'm not exactly sure what Mojo is, but the Dems now own it.

#10 | Posted by moder8 at 2021-01-13 03:13 PM | Reply

originally it's an African word for 'the magic'.

"Magic" Joe Biden!

#11 | Posted by Corky at 2021-01-13 03:16 PM | Reply

God Bless Gatemouth Brown. RIP

#12 | Posted by uncle_meat at 2021-01-13 04:23 PM | Reply

A favorite guitar player for me.

Thanks for the reminder.

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - We're Outta Here

#13 | Posted by LampLighter at 2021-01-13 05:02 PM | Reply


Also Otis Rush, gone in 2 years ago.

#14 | Posted by Corky at 2021-01-13 05:10 PM | Reply


Otis Rush

Wow - wonderful!

Your comment made me look, I have some tunes by him in my music accumulation...

Great Blues Men - It's A Mean Old World

Prime Chops (Blind Pig Sampler) - Crosscut Saw

(with the Turnabouts) - So Many Roads


Looks like it might be a music night tonight...


#15 | Posted by LampLighter at 2021-01-13 05:23 PM | Reply

NoelCaslerComedy @CaslerNoel

Who would thought the guy with 6 bankruptcies, almost 3 divorces, 4000 lawsuits and 26 sexual assault accusations would get impeached twice as POTUS?

#16 | Posted by Gal_Tuesday at 2021-01-13 05:37 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Trump will have a few toadies and acolytes on Capitol Hill and in statehouses after next week, but most GOPers will quickly part from him, as they would from a room with a lingering fart. Der Dotard might be able to deliver the kook vote, but millions are about to wake form a dream and find they have no use for or interest in this orange oaf...

#17 | Posted by catdog at 2021-01-13 06:43 PM | Reply

Gatemouth like no other.

#18 | Posted by uncle_meat at 2021-01-13 06:53 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2


If I could give a NW++ I would.

I am familiar with Mr Brown.

But, friggin wow.

That was awesome.

Freakin' phenomenal.

One of the things I noticed about Mr Brown when I "discovered" his music in the late 1980's was that, while he was a superior musician, he also let the very talented backing musicians on his albums have their time in the spotlight.

The result of which was were albums of the most amazing music.

I had not seen that video previously. It illustrates what I've come to know of Mr Brown.

Thank-you for posting the link.

#19 | Posted by LampLighter at 2021-01-13 08:25 PM | Reply


was were ?



#20 | Posted by LampLighter at 2021-01-13 08:27 PM | Reply

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