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Saturday, July 31, 2021

U.S. House member Madison Cawthorn had his gun taken by airport police and will likely face a federal fine and loss of a special security status, local and federal officials said. The Republican congressman representing Western North Carolina's 11th District was attempting to board a plane Feb. 13 when Transportation Security Administration workers found an unloaded gun in his carry-on bag, along with a loaded magazine, according to Asheville Regional Airport officials.



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They managed to call it a magazine. That's the most stunning part of the article.

#1 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2021-07-31 05:04 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

Nazi on wheels.

#2 | Posted by bored at 2021-07-31 05:26 PM | Reply

Please. He's a sleazy trumper who knows his base. This was almost certainly a stunt to get headlines and votes. That cult loves a gun nut who ignores the rules.

#3 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2021-07-31 05:26 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

@#1 ... They managed to call it a magazine. ...

Yeah, that's what "airport officials" called it.

But for me the crazy part is this excerpt...

... Cawthorn, whose spokesman responded to questions July 30 saying he brought the gun by mistake ...

Didn't he know he was bringing along a firearm with him? His excuse about packing the wrong bag doesn't hold water for me, he should be far more aware of and careful with his gun(s).

#4 | Posted by LampLighter at 2021-07-31 05:27 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

"They managed to call it a magazine."

Teen Vogue in the news again?

#5 | Posted by snoofy at 2021-07-31 05:33 PM | Reply

Party of Personal Responsibility.

#6 | Posted by snoofy at 2021-07-31 05:37 PM | Reply

Party of Law and Order.

#7 | Posted by snoofy at 2021-07-31 05:37 PM | Reply

It's 10 o'clock.

Do you know where your guns are?

#8 | Posted by LostAngeles at 2021-07-31 06:28 PM | Reply

It's amazing how people desperately need a gun to protect themselves but don't actually know where it is.

A car antenna would be more useful.

#9 | Posted by REDIAL at 2021-07-31 06:36 PM | Reply | Funny: 2

Lock him up.

#10 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2021-08-01 02:44 AM | Reply

He "forgot" about the pistola? Because he's so well trained and proficient in the use of firearms that he has no idea where he put the big iron? This idiot shouldn't be allowed around sharp objects, let alone Glocks.

#11 | Posted by Doc_Sarvis at 2021-08-01 09:20 AM | Reply

Nazi on wheels.


Rolling, rolling, rolling.

#12 | Posted by Zed at 2021-08-01 09:25 AM | Reply

Oh lord just read up on this guy. He's perfect for the new Republicans. Chronic liar started a business which is reporting 0 revenue and even the details of the accident that left him partialy paralized read like a very rich white soap opera. "Cawthorn was seriously injured while returning from a spring-break trip to Florida. He was riding as a passenger in a BMW X3 SUV near Daytona Beach, Florida, when his friend Bradley Ledford" Spring break BMW and a friend named Bradley Ledford, besides Moder8's alter ego that's got to be one of the whitest names ever.

#13 | Posted by TaoWarrior at 2021-08-01 09:46 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

They managed to call it a magazine. That's the most stunning part of the article.


Well,I certainly was not stunned it was a dumbarse Republican. That's for sure.

#14 | Posted by donnerboy at 2021-08-01 02:45 PM | Reply

Shouldn't be. There's been at least 3 within the last 12 months or so.

Why should they really care? Even under stringent gun control pols don't give them up.

#15 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2021-08-01 07:04 PM | Reply

Oh lord just read up on this guy. He's perfect for the new Republicans.

You forgot the college sexual assault allegations.

He's the perfect fit for the GQP.

#16 | Posted by Nixon at 2021-08-02 07:45 AM | Reply

Those creepy nighttime rides into the country? This guy and Gaetz should start their own caucus.

#17 | Posted by Doc_Sarvis at 2021-08-02 08:09 AM | Reply

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