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Sunday, August 01, 2021

Less than 0.004% of people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 experienced a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization and less than 0.001% died from the disease, according to the latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



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A Pandemic of the Stupid.

#1 | Posted by Zed at 2021-08-01 08:57 AM | Reply

The Pandemic is the ultimate IQ test and so many Americans are scoring far below 100. Then they are demanding that their Governors, like DeathSantis, to govern according to the expectations of the dumbest people in our state. It is a source of pride for many Republicans to fly their IQ score flags on their pickup trucks. Their scores are spelled TRUMP. TRUMP = IQ of 80 or less.

#2 | Posted by danni at 2021-08-01 10:20 AM | Reply

That's 6,239 hospitalizations and 1,263 deaths, by the way. The percentage alone doesn't really convey the magnitude.
Also, those numbers can only go up.

#3 | Posted by snoofy at 2021-08-01 11:27 AM | Reply

"those numbers can only go up."

You mean there's a downside to using the entire denominator on day one?!?

#4 | Posted by Danforth at 2021-08-01 11:29 AM | Reply


I literally posted this same info two weeks ago.

Then it was 4k+ hospitalizations, and 1k+ deaths for those who were vaccinated.

In fact, if I recall correctly, Snoofy doubted the numbers.

#5 | Posted by madbomber at 2021-08-01 03:29 PM | Reply

Time to put this thing to bed and get on with life.

#6 | Posted by madbomber at 2021-08-01 03:29 PM | Reply

Time to get vaccinated (not J&J) and get on with life.

#7 | Posted by Tor at 2021-08-01 03:36 PM | Reply

I believe that your chances of ending up in the hospital and of a better outcome are much greater if you are vaccinated than if you aren't.

I find the 0.001% number worthless, though. Meaningless for making any kind of informed decision. That number would need to be compared to the number of folks that died that were not vaccinated, taking into account when vaccinations came online.

Given that's a bit tough, I took a look at the past 5 weeks, added up all deaths, and then divided the vaccinated deaths by that to get the rate of death for vaccinated folks. That came out to be 15%.

This means that the unvaccinated made up 85% of the deaths. The two ratios indicate vaccination results in a 6 times better outcome over those unvaccinated and hospitalized.

Given Delta accounts for over 83% of all cases, I expect this ratio won't change until more people get vaccinated. If 100% of the people int he US were vaccinated, then 100% of the deaths due to COVID breakthrough cases would also be 100%. That would be a good thing when that happens, because presumably that total number of deaths would be much lower (85% lower, based on the above).

#8 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-01 04:34 PM | Reply

COVID-19 started out as a virus and it quickly became an IQ test.

#9 | Posted by Nixon at 2021-08-02 07:11 AM | Reply

Numbers from May are seriously better than the numbers I used in #8. 99 to 1 better. I knew the data from July was the worst case, putting all the COVID deaths of all vaccinated in July, but that was a surprise.

Looking at just Florida, Florida's hospitalization rate is *today* 96% for unvaccinated, 4% vaccinated. Given 48% of the state is vaccinated, this is definitely good news.

If we had 100% of the people vaccinated, then 100% of those with COVID in the hospital would be vaccinated. The number to look at is the number of people hospitalized. If everyone was vaccinated, the total number of people being hospitalized would be way, way, way lower than today. In Florida today, for instance, we'd only have 4% of the number of people hospitalized that we do right now (actually it'd be less, but keeping it simple).

#10 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-02 09:13 AM | Reply

The article failed to mention the percentage of unvaccinated that have not died from covid.

If you wanted to show how great the vaccine is wouldn't you compare the numbers against the unvaccinated?

#11 | Posted by ScottE at 2021-08-02 10:00 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

Same old bottom line: The unvaccinated are prolonging the pandemic and preventing our economy (and our lives) from getting back to normal. The Delta variant only heightens the need for the unvaccinated to American-up and get themselves vaccinated.

#12 | Posted by nimbleswitch at 2021-08-02 10:03 AM | Reply

#11- yep, that's what I said in #8. Since then I've done more research and the difference between unvaccinated and vaccinated outcomes is significantly higher. There's no excuse not to be vaccinated for the vast majority of people in the United States. Period.

Nimbleswitch is right on the money with his comment in $12.

#13 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-02 10:12 AM | Reply

Yav, I hear what your saying but the numbers in the article don't seem right.
They list 6587 breakthrough cases with 6239 hospitalized and 1263 deaths.
That's 95% hospitalized and 19% dying!

Granted your chance of being infected after vaccination is very low if you do become infected the outcome is much worse the the unvaccinated.

#14 | Posted by ScottE at 2021-08-02 10:28 AM | Reply

Granted your chance of being infected after vaccination is very low if you do become infected the outcome is much worse the the unvaccinated.

How do you figure?

You have no way of knowing what the true denominator is.

#15 | Posted by jpw at 2021-08-02 10:53 AM | Reply

Overthinking this.

We know that 99% of the hospitalizations occurred with the un/not fully vaccinated.
if there are 6,239 hospitalized that were vaccinated, then the question is how many were hospitalized that weren't vaccinated? That's the missing denominator.

You can try and add up all the numbers since January 2021 for those hospitalized, or believe the already compiled data and reports and multiple 6,239*99. That would be 617,661. Now determine how many deaths have occurred since Jan 1st. From that you get two numbers to compare. Also not easy.

Or, easier, let's look at one state where we have data. Texas. Texas had 8,787 deaths due to COVID since February, and 43 of those deaths were in vaccinated. All the rest were unvaccinated.

You can look at the outcomes of those hospitalized and say nearly 20% died that were vaccinated, without having any idea what that number is for the unvaccinated and get all concerned, or you can look at how incredibly effective the vaccine is in preventing you from even getting hospitalized in the first place. In other words, it takes a lot to be hospitalized from COVID if you are vaccinated. The article above does a great job in looking at those cases.

#16 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-02 11:30 AM | Reply

*20% was from post #14, not from the Texas study where the number is actually 0.5%.

#17 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-02 11:33 AM | Reply

Yav I said the vaccine is effective.
I was just using the numbers given in the article which I said doesn't seem right.

#18 | Posted by ScottE at 2021-08-02 11:52 AM | Reply

I really don't care for this CNN article at all. Both for the 0.001% number and the lack of context on the numbers provided. That's why I went looking for other information.

#19 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-02 11:54 AM | Reply

They list 6587 breakthrough cases with 6239 hospitalized and 1263 deaths.
That's 95% hospitalized and 19% dying!
Granted your chance of being infected after vaccination is very low if you do become infected the outcome is much worse the the unvaccinated.


Without demographics that information is useless.

If it remains predominantly the elderly and immunocompromised (I suspect it is), the above numbers are in line with pre-vaccination stats.

Which gets back to one of the primary benefits of mass vaccination-it protects the vulnerable for whom vaccination isn't as effective owing to immune status.

#20 | Posted by jpw at 2021-08-02 12:05 PM | Reply

That's why I provided the Texas study.

#21 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-02 12:30 PM | Reply

(also its a meaningless compare. The data is from different sets)

#22 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-02 12:31 PM | Reply

The following was used in reporting on MSNBC. The source for the data is from COVID tracker as of July 24, 2021. Average incidence 100 cases per 100,000 persons per week. At current incidence, 35,000 symptomatic infections per week among 162 million vaccinated Americans. 50% vaccination rate for the United States:

Disease Incidence:
Unvaccinated: 178.6
Vaccinated: 21.4
8 times reduction due to vaccination

Hospitalization Incidence:
Unvaccinated: 2.52
Vaccinated: 0.1
25 times reduction due to vaccination

Death Incidence:
Unvaccinated: 0.96
Vaccinated: 0.04
25 times reduction due to vaccination.

#23 | Posted by YAV at 2021-08-02 03:06 PM | Reply

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