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Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Donald Trump's attacks on democracy are being promoted by rich and powerful conservative groups that are determined to win at all costs.



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Trump will never admit he lost so long as the morons keep sending him money.

$102,000,000 picked from their wallets so far for "recounts" and "audits" and $0000000 ZERO spent so far on "recounts" and "audits".

He saw the rubes for what they are....funding sources for his lifestyle. Nothing more.

#1 | Posted by Nixon at 2021-08-03 07:03 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

In seventeen seventy six we went to war to throw off the power of corporations but now two hundred years later we still let the corporations and the wealthy aristocracy have outsized power> We need to remember the principle of "one man one vote" and reject the ridiculous concept put forth by Mitt Romney and other Republicans that "corporations are people my friend."
We need to make that a basic principle of democracy, corporations are absolutely not people, never have been, never will be and the entire concept behind that is dangerous to democracy.

#2 | Posted by danni at 2021-08-03 08:32 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 3

I agree we need to determine corporations are not people. I have never seen a corporation imprisoned like many deserve. The measly slaps on the wrist they get when they cause destruction and death are insufficient to deter bad behavior. Even when the occasional executive goes to prison it is a rarity and highly insufficient. Look at DuPont and their PFOS contamination nobody going to prison for that.

When it comes to politics we need to "simply" limit money in politics and PACs. No corporate donations period - going toward corporations are not people. Perhaps a few good lawsuits aimed at corporations for their donations by stock holders would be a good start. Money is not speech and that needs to be enshrined in our constitutional law. Limit how much a particular person can give - it goes to outweigh the voice of the people of less means. Everyone should be equal. I don't have a number in mind but I can say that the people will be heard if we take away the financiers.

Another big part of the problem is it is so far beyond money now with the Social Media platforms - candidates must be checked there as well. I was hesitant early but a long time ago I came to believe these platforms have a duty to shut down factual lies being spread on them. It should be a legal responsibility. Realizing that it is difficult to catch everything, where do you draw the line? Viral? What is viral? Some sort of Trending measure? Just look at the fact that well over 50% of the misinformation about the COVID vaccine spread on the platforms is traced back to less than a dozen traditional anti-vaxxers most of whom are still posting.

#3 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2021-08-03 10:48 AM | Reply


"The evening's program featured live appearances by Byrne and a local QAnon conspiracist, BabyQ, who claimed to be receiving messages from his future self. They were joined by the film's director, who had previously made an expos contending that the real perpetrators of 9/11 were space aliens."

Well, I'm convinced.

#4 | Posted by SunTzuMeow at 2021-08-03 11:10 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

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