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Wednesday, September 08, 2021

He couldn't have done it without us. The sad truth is that we never bothered to fight our two true terrorist threats " 1) Capitalism, an economic system that is built on greed and thievery and kills people who must live in flooded basement apartments, and 2) what we call "climate" " but the window to reverse that has now closed, and our only chance to stop the climate catastrophe, an historic extermination event, from getting worse is now the decision we face. It is the first time that a species has decided to eliminate itself. That's real terrorism, and while we may not be able to turn back now, we can at least get a grip on ourselves, halt the deluge, stop the greed, close the income inequality gap, reduce our glutinous consumption and eliminate the profit motive. If we do that, bin Laden will have lost. And we may then learn to love and share the wealth and live in peace with each other. That would be the best way to commemorate 9/11. Blessings to all whom we've lost.



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Bin Laden won a trip to hell and a world that will forever be suspicious of Arabs and Muslims.

#1 | Posted by Tor at 2021-09-08 12:50 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

Of course he did. He sunk the US into an unwinnable war that robbed our nation of $2 TRILLION dollars.

People don't understand the degree of waste Afghanistan was...

One million seconds is 11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds.

One billion seconds is 31 and a half years.

On trillion seconds is 31,668 years.

A stack of a billion dollars is 68 miles high.

A stack of a trillion dollars is 68,000 miles or one quarter of the way to the moon.

Bin Ladens goal was to provoke the US into a quagmire unwinnable war that would bankrupt the US. W was all too happy to oblige him. Cheney creamed himself when we invaded. If it weren't for Biden, we'd still be there.

#2 | Posted by Nixon at 2021-09-08 01:49 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1


Bin Laden Still Lives

Every time we take our shoes off at the airport, lock our school room doors, drop explosives on people we're not sure of, threaten destruction of a nation who dares to stand, Bin Laden still lives.

Lives in us.

We've adopted his tactics,flipped, as in totally turned around from peace to hate to fear.

As if Roosevelt was wrong, and the only thing we have to fear is everything that's not us.

As we spend more on guns, on what is called "defense,'less on schools, less on healthcare more on locks, gates, fences, we remember Bin Laden.

Bin Laden still lives.

#3 | Posted by lee_the_agent at 2021-09-08 02:25 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

obl "won" when the planes crashed into the towers.

#4 | Posted by ichiro at 2021-09-08 06:24 PM | Reply

#2 | POSTED BY NIXON AT 2021-09-08 01:49 PM | FLAG:

A mighty stack, but less than 10% of our debt. A failure of nation building theory in Afghanistan doesn't mean Bin Laden won.

By many objective measures his cause has gotten its ass kicked. His ideology had a brief peak as ISIS after most of his forces were backdoored and absorbed by the Iraqi former Baath party members that became the daesh, which was in turn destroyed as a state in short order. The extreme end of Saudi religious nuts that spawned him have been checked and continue to be purged. Sunni & Shia remained deadlocked and can only fight through third parties.

#5 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2021-09-08 07:21 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

Bin Laden is the best Cia agent ever.

#6 | Posted by kudzu at 2021-09-10 11:00 AM | Reply

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