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Thursday, September 09, 2021

As jeers escalated, video from the scene showed a woman on a bicycle and wearing a gorilla mask throwing an egg toward Elder.



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Racists suck.

#1 | Posted by jakester at 2021-09-09 11:53 PM | Reply

You have to schedule a tour through a homeless encampment?

#2 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2021-09-10 12:32 AM | Reply

Elder sucks.

#3 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2021-09-10 06:13 AM | Reply

Jokester wants to cancel gorilla masks?

#4 | Posted by Doc_Sarvis at 2021-09-10 06:37 AM | Reply | Funny: 2

We need better egg-throwers.

#5 | Posted by YAV at 2021-09-10 07:38 AM | Reply

Ostrich eggs.

#6 | Posted by Doc_Sarvis at 2021-09-10 07:41 AM | Reply

That'd be a nice catch on video!

#7 | Posted by YAV at 2021-09-10 08:57 AM | Reply

Gracie's verklempt over this. I should say she's pretending. It's entertaining watching her melodramatic over the top "I'm so offended!" act.

#8 | Posted by YAV at 2021-09-10 10:51 AM | Reply

Did the person have zip ties?

#9 | Posted by Sycophant at 2021-09-10 11:27 AM | Reply


Oooohhhhhh the HUMANITY!

- Humcakes.

#10 | Posted by Nixon at 2021-09-10 12:23 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Now is it the Gorilla Suit or the throwing of the egg at a black person which makes people think this was a Hate Crime? What if a person in a gorilla suit threw an egg at white person or an Asian? Or what if a black person threw an egg at a gorilla? Or what if an Asian person attempted to throw an egg at a Hispanic but accidentally hit an eskimo?

#11 | Posted by moder8 at 2021-09-10 12:54 PM | Reply

The only reference to racism was created by the threads author

The "liberal" who apparently goads other liberals into his "honest conversation" by race baiting them

#12 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2021-09-10 01:09 PM | Reply

Yeah. The non-stop troll now known as "Jakester." "Jakester's" been quiet so far, but "Skeptic" has suddenly materialized today (9/10). Let's see how that all plays out.

#13 | Posted by YAV at 2021-09-10 01:17 PM | Reply | Funny: 1


Well someone has to be on call for the weekend.

#14 | Posted by Redial at 2021-09-10 02:26 PM | Reply

I'm kinda surprised there is no outrage about this racist incident.

#15 | Posted by jakester at 2021-09-10 08:49 PM | Reply

I'm outraged she missed!

#16 | Posted by YAV at 2021-09-10 09:22 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

If it was racist they would have thrown a watermelon or some grape soda

Jakesterz is so ------- stupid.

#17 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2021-09-10 10:47 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

#17 - Nowhere in this article is Jakesterz mentioned.

Good Grief.

#18 | Posted by jakester at 2021-09-10 11:25 PM | Reply

Sure it is

It says "posted by"

Anyway, why an egg? If this was really racial why not a bucket of fried chicken?

I mean, throwing an egg just doesn't scream racist to me, some kool cigarettes or maybe a watermelon would have been a more effective choice

Do you disagree?

#19 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2021-09-10 11:47 PM | Reply

It's faux outrage from a faux liberal.

#20 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2021-09-11 11:02 AM | Reply

He accuses others of not addressing the content of his assertions, but never responds to serious questions regarding the content of his assertions

What a useless tool

Jebait on

#21 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2021-09-11 02:56 PM | Reply

I don't think I have met a racist who didn't know how to do racist right, let alone a California racist that didn't know how to be all racial.

Nope. This was just some woman throwing an egg at an ------- opportunist

the ridiculous attempt to pass this off as racial, however, is racist
As feeble as it was, it attempted to use a persons color as a prop to leverage attacks against social justice advocates - - which is textbook racism that real racists deploy

The only evidence of racism I see here is coming from this threads author

#22 | Posted by Chieftutmoses at 2021-09-11 04:45 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

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