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Monday, October 11, 2021

There are lots of irregularities in the accounting of gifts the Trump administration received, including furs from Saudi Arabia that turned out to be fake.



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#1 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2021-10-11 07:19 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

"Only the best people"

#2 | Posted by 503jc69 at 2021-10-11 08:16 PM | Reply


#3 | Posted by snoofy at 2021-10-11 08:18 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

I hope no one was surprised.


#4 | Posted by OCUser at 2021-10-11 08:54 PM | Reply

While searching, they should conduct a count of White House silverware, presidential logo floor mats, and the Obama portrait ...

#5 | Posted by catdog at 2021-10-11 09:31 PM | Reply

"including furs from Saudi Arabia that turned out to be fake."

I missed that the first time. LMFAO.

#6 | Posted by snoofy at 2021-10-11 09:34 PM | Reply

I bet Ted Cruz regifted them.

#7 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2021-10-11 11:10 PM | Reply

There a lot of things missing from the Trump administration. Things that are invaluable but have no price tags.

Honesty, integrity, empathy, respect, ethics, loyalty, civility, transparency, patriotism, trust, fidelity, generosity, selflessness, . . . and that's just the first bakers' dozen off the top of my head.

All told, there is nothing about the Trump administration, or Trump himself, that is defensible. He's the epitome of greed and narcissism. In the case of the missing gifts, there's no doubt Trump's own shortcomings set the example for those in his administration to follow.

It's a disgusting overview but the truth still holds sway. The fish rots from the head down.

#8 | Posted by Twinpac at 2021-10-12 04:30 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Ah, this is explains why Ivanka and Jared always wanted to be involved.

#9 | Posted by Derek_Wildstar at 2021-10-12 11:46 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 2


Partially. Ivanka and Jared just wanted to capitalize on the brand name while it was hot and while the taxpayers would be footing the bill for all those overseas trips. Anything else they could skim off the top was gravy.

They both got the big head over it. Now Trump is blaming Jared's advice for causing him to lose the election. I'm not sure anybody is on speaking terms right now.

November 3rd sort of punched a hole in everybody's party balloon.

#10 | Posted by Twinpac at 2021-10-12 01:13 PM | Reply

If true, then truly classless. So classless that words fail to fully capture the greed and pettiness of the Trump Administration and family.

#11 | Posted by moder8 at 2021-10-12 02:36 PM | Reply

It's not the least bit surprising that the child-raping orange ----------- who steals from cancer charities would surround himself with other thieving degenerates.

#12 | Posted by reinheitsgebot at 2021-10-12 02:40 PM | Reply

"IF Trump officials stole"
I'm dying here, really.

#13 | Posted by e1g1 at 2021-10-12 03:08 PM | Reply

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