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Monday, October 25, 2021

Couy Griffin is a New Mexico county commissioner who made headlines as the founder of the "Cowboys for Trump" activist group.



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"We supported President Trump because of his fight for justice as well," Griffin told the audience in a viral clip. "For four years, we cried 'lock her up, lock her up, we know she's a criminal.' What did the president tell us? 'If I was in charge of the law, you'd be in jail.'"

Griffin was previously arrested and charged with participating in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. The affidavit filed against Griffin claims that footage posted to Griffin's personal Facebook page showed the commissioner entering several restricted areas in the Capitol.

"Okay, Mister President, you were in charge of the law for four years," Griffin continued. "At the end of your four-year time, the only ones who were locked up were men like me and others like me who had stood by the president the strongest."

Griffin also made news in February when he claimed that he would travel to Biden's inauguration with firearms to "take a stand for our country and for our freedoms."

Griffin survived a recall attempt in September after organizers failed to collect enough signatures to recall him as county commissioner."


Sounds like there's Trouble in Lewzerville!

#1 | Posted by Corky at 2021-10-25 03:48 PM | Reply

'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs man who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party

#2 | Posted by qcp at 2021-10-25 03:57 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Never give a sucker an even break.

#3 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2021-10-25 03:59 PM | Reply

"Okay, Mister President, you were in charge of the law for four years,"

This idiot doesn't seem to understand how the US government works. He seems to think the Presidency should be a dictatorship.

#4 | Posted by johnny_hotsauce at 2021-10-25 04:55 PM | Reply

He seems to think the Presidency should be a dictatorship.


Anyone Trumpite does.

#5 | Posted by Zed at 2021-10-25 05:43 PM | Reply

Arizonans aren't real Cowboys, anyway. In Texas, the state is referred to as, "Far West Texas", lmao.

This clown is an rwing insurrectionist who hates democratic processes, the Constitution, and prefers Presidents chosen by guns, not votes.

#6 | Posted by Corky at 2021-10-25 06:30 PM | Reply

He's also mad because HE got locked up and Hillary didn't.

I can just picture him at the local watering hole, getting plastered and still complaining about Hillary.

#7 | Posted by Twinpac at 2021-10-25 07:31 PM | Reply

There will be more between now and 2024. It's slowly sinking in that Trump is toxic to the right wingers of the nation and that he is bringing down the Republican's party. They are coming to realize that any other Republican is better than any Democrat. Watch the exodus grow.

#8 | Posted by jakester at 2021-10-25 11:50 PM | Reply


#9 | Posted by Twinpac at 2021-10-26 03:40 AM | Reply

Here in Okiehomie real cowboys take off their hats indoors...

#10 | Posted by catdog at 2021-10-26 09:35 AM | Reply


"Here in Okiehomie real cowboys take off their hats indoors..."

I hate it when that happens. It just destroys the whole cowboy illusion . . . especially if they're bald.

#11 | Posted by Twinpac at 2021-10-26 12:35 PM | Reply

I guess this proves a point.

Trump really isn't the issue.

It's stupid people who follow him.

#12 | Posted by brass30 at 2021-10-26 12:53 PM | Reply



#13 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2021-10-26 03:06 PM | Reply

"Trump really isn't the issue.
It's stupid people who follow him."


I'd say there's a lot of co-dependency going on. They do feed off each other.

#14 | Posted by Twinpac at 2021-10-26 10:59 PM | Reply

This is a lefty website and every day I see multiple threads about Trump.

It's pathetic.

#15 | Posted by BellRinger at 2021-10-26 11:02 PM | Reply

Donnie Fail gave the monster life. Now the monster has turned on him.


#16 | Posted by Nixon at 2021-10-27 08:15 AM | Reply

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