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Saturday, November 13, 2021

If there is one notion carried throughout the Internet, it's that people want to let you know when they are dissatisfied with you " much more so than people do when they are face to face with an issue. There's something about being allowed to hide behind the computer screen. YouTube is no different. It greatly upset users this week when it announced it would be permanently eliminating the YouTube dislike button " or rather the dislike counts. Your opinion will still be tallied, but the dislike button counts on YouTube will no longer be displayed. Everyone should have been forewarned earlier this year when YouTube "experimented" with the dislike button count. The purpose was to see if this would help protect YouTube creators from getting harassed, specifically by organized attacks to drive up the dislike counts on videos.


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YouTube explained in a blog post this week what they learned by not showing the dislike counts. "Because the count was not visible to them, we found that [harassers] were less likely to target a video's dislike button to drive up the count. In short, our experiment data showed a reduction in dislike attacking behavior."


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Why not disable both? Seems like YouTube is just trying to be more like Facebook.

#1 | Posted by sentinel at 2021-11-13 10:15 AM | Reply

creators can just buy more likes.
those are the attackers, right? the ones selling likes, comments, etc.

#2 | Posted by ichiro at 2021-11-13 09:48 PM | Reply

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