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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

During my presidency, then-Vice President Joe Biden visited Georgia to pledge U.S. support after Russia invaded and partially occupied the country. Today, I call on his administration to do its part to support our young democracy, which is in grave danger.



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I became president of Georgia in 2004, when the peaceful "Rose Revolution" called for democratic reforms, eradication of corruption and integration into the Euro-Atlantic family. The irony of fate would have it, that " in part because of our democratizing efforts " my party lost a free and fair election in 2012. We peacefully ceded power to the coalition led by the Georgian Dream party, headed by Bidzina Ivanishvili. Senator Jeanne Shaheen recalled my concession in her speech after the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, stating that peaceful transitions of power can never be taken for granted.

...Today, Georgian state institutions including the judiciary, law enforcement and state security services are almost exclusively serving the interests of a small clan affiliated with the ruling party, at the expense of the rule of law. ... Georgia is flirting with a platform of "regional cooperation" with Iran and Russia, animated by the idea of rooting out Western influence from the strategic South Caucasus region. This should worry the Biden administration: When he visited in 2009, Georgia was a reliable ally in a challenging region. Today, Georgian Dream is sealing the country's fate as a Russian client state.

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The country of Georgia is really in a tough spot. They saw how ineffective the west was at coming to the aid to a prospective nato member with Ukraine, and how Russia is obviously not deterred by sanctions. Their geography would make it practically impossible for the west to help defend them short of a full scale war, which they obviously don't want. Their former president did help clean up a lot of the corruption, but they also effectively lost a lot of territory under his watch.

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