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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

CNN said Tuesday that it has suspended Chris Cuomo "indefinitely" after new documents released this week indicated that the anchor was more intimately involved than previously known in helping his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, craft a defense amid a flurry of sexual misconduct allegations.



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Both como boys gone from hero to zero. HA!
It's gonna be a quiet Christmas dinner this year.

#1 | Posted by phesterOBoyle at 2021-12-01 08:46 AM | Reply

#1 | Posted by phesterOBoyle

Chris was always a douche. Andrew was a closeted douche who resigned when outed. (He lost my respect when the facts started to come out.)

What both of them did is just another Wednesday for your average Republican. Did you vote for Trump? AKA the biggest Republican Zero? Even after all his "dealings" were exposed during the election?

#2 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2021-12-01 09:15 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

"Did you vote for Trump?"

The first time yes
The 2nd time no.

#3 | Posted by phesterOBoyle at 2021-12-01 09:41 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

I thought it was strange that Coumo was allowed to stay on the air.

No way he could keep his mouth shut and not try to influence what was happening to his big brother.

He should have taken a vacation until it was resolved.

I suspect he will be back onto some media platform someday after it's all over. The dude has tremendous energies and drive.

So maybe that Fester dude can still have on his tv for next years Christmas.


#4 | Posted by donnerboy at 2021-12-01 10:42 AM | Reply

The news is so much gossipy twaddle. The disclaimer should be "for entertainment purposes only". The celebrity "journalists" or "pundits" and whathaveyou's are there to sell advertisement.

To measure a newscaster's credibility is akin to evaluating their acting or singing ability.

#5 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2021-12-01 10:44 AM | Reply

the man wrote his own 'bad check'.
the station finally cashed it.

they did the right thing.

#6 | Posted by earthmuse at 2021-12-01 10:45 AM | Reply

He was doomed, he was white and couldn't fake woke enough. Plus their ratings are in the tank. Maybe if they were truthful about Biden their ratings would go back up. Pretty pathetic when they get their marching orders from The Atlantic.

#7 | Posted by fishpaw at 2021-12-01 11:06 AM | Reply

So far, it looks like CNN is handling this correctly.

I'll be interested in what comes out of the "pending evaluation" and the effect upon Mr Chris Cuomo's indefinite suspension.

#8 | Posted by LampLighter at 2021-12-01 11:19 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

The opening paragraph of this news story is similar to my view on this matter...

Loyalty to family -- instead of CNN -- puts Cuomo at risk

...There's family, and your job as a journalist. Chris Cuomo's willingness to put the latter at risk in service to his brother has led to his suspension by CNN.

The network took him off the air Tuesday, saying that material released by New York's attorney general shows that he played a greater role than previously acknowledged in defense of his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as he fought sexual harassment charges.

Transcripts of emails and Chris Cuomo's testimony before state investigators revealed that he strategized regularly with the governor's aides, and tried to help them learn what other journalists were reporting about harassment allegations.

CNN said that he was more involved than its executives -- not just the general public -- had been aware of.

"As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation," a CNN spokesperson said....

#9 | Posted by LampLighter at 2021-12-01 11:29 AM | Reply

"Did you vote for Trump? "

TDS by just the second post. Gotta be a new record for an article that had nothing to do with him. I mean, it's definitely expected since Liberals can't accept that some of their people are not good people just like people on all sides, but still...that was rather fast.

And don't get mad at me. I just had to post a comment on Fox about an article talking about the Rep gov who isn't seeking re-election and they just had to put in the headline that he didn't support Trump. Reps lately have been getting their own version of TDS.

"So far, it looks like CNN is handling this correctly."

Correctly, yeah I can agree with that. But handling it like they handle Reps, not even close. CNN articles have demanded people get cancelled immediately for saying or doing something they never said/did, much less anyone who is actually guilty. If Cuomo were a Fox reporter and they were handling it like CNN is handling it, CNN would be going nuts over it and saying how Fox isn't doing enough, not doing it fast enough, demonizing every person he has ever come in contact with, etc. And there is no way that can even be debated considering they have a record of doing just that for even the slightest of offenses.

#10 | Posted by humtake at 2021-12-01 12:16 PM | Reply

"So far, it looks like CNN is handling this correctly."

Yep. If only Fixed News had as much integrity ...

#11 | Posted by donnerboy at 2021-12-01 12:32 PM | Reply

"CNN would be going nuts over it and saying how Fox isn't doing enough, not doing it fast enough,"

Blah blah blah ...

Not watching fixed news but I imagine that they are taking full advantage of the situation.

#12 | Posted by donnerboy at 2021-12-01 12:34 PM | Reply

Pretty pathetic when they get their marching orders from The Atlantic.


FISHPOO... Trumptidumped was a one-term preznit because of his incompetence. Nothing more.

Even his cadre of flying Trumpanzees like you can't change that.

Biden will be a one-term president because he's old not because he #ucked things up due to incompetence.

Trumptidump has far more failures too. All you can say about him was he was a risk-taker (with other people's money) which amounts to a fat "so what".

#13 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2021-12-01 01:02 PM | Reply

good riddance. cuomos are ----.

#14 | Posted by Alexandrite at 2021-12-01 02:38 PM | Reply

#13 TDS at it's best. Admit it, you miss him since you can't stop talking about him.

#15 | Posted by fishpaw at 2021-12-02 07:15 AM | Reply

I have always enjoyed Chris Cuomo's show. But at this point it is more just an hour of pro-Dem and anti-GOP commentary than anything reliably newsworthy. Maybe factually it is more reality based than Carlson or Hannity, but it is still the same type of Partisan talking points. Knowing who he is and what his show is about before I turn it on, I am not offended by his close affiliation with his brother. This does not seem to be an instance where there has been a failure of disclosure, but rather CNN claims it did not understand the extent to which Chris was advising Andrew. Whatever. Talking head and pundits tend to be fungible.

#16 | Posted by moder8 at 2021-12-02 12:42 PM | Reply

And, for what it is worth, I hope they reinstate him and his show back on to CNN in coming months. Even my wife, who generally hates all political punditry enjoys his show.

#17 | Posted by moder8 at 2021-12-02 01:16 PM | Reply

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