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Thursday, January 13, 2022

'You should be ashamed of yourself, I'd give you jail time if I could': Judge BERATES 72-year-old man with lymph node cancer for not keeping his lawn tidy because his treatment left him too weak


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3 guesses as to which party the judge belongs, first 2 don't count.


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Sad to see a breakdown in community like this ... From the image it is a small yard, and a kid could probably trim the yard up enough to avoid scrutiny for $10-20.

#1 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2022-01-13 04:42 PM | Reply


Now Republicans are the victim of a... checks article... unkempt lawn.

#2 | Posted by snoofy at 2022-01-13 04:44 PM | Reply

interrupting an old guy who has cancer?

judge should be admonished or removed.

#3 | Posted by Tor at 2022-01-13 06:21 PM | Reply

... 'You should be ashamed of yourself. If I could give you jail time on this, I would' ...

Wow, just friggin' wow.

The judge should have assigned some manner of community help, with a medical intervention to see if the person should be living alone, and not wish he could impose jail time. When my Mom was in a similar condition, I was working with the county's senior citizen commission to find the help she needed. But that was New York.


#4 | Posted by LampLighter at 2022-01-13 07:23 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

The judge is the one who should be ashamed of himself. I hope his karma catches up with him soon.

#5 | Posted by Gal_Tuesday at 2022-01-13 07:25 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Likely an idiot Trumper judge.

#6 | Posted by a_monson at 2022-01-16 04:07 PM | Reply

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