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Friday, May 13, 2022

Mason said she didn't know she was ineligible to vote when she cast a provisional ballot in 2016, but she was sentenced to five years. Now, the Court of Criminal Appeals says an appellate court that affirmed her conviction must look again at the evidence of Mason's intent.



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The opinion turns on her knowledge that she was ineligible. The Court rejected two HAVA safe haven arguments.

The opinion is relatively short at 25 pages. The concurring and dissenting opinions can be found here:

#1 | Posted by et_al at 2022-05-11 03:43 PM | Reply

Justice: A Play In Two Acts
By Franz Kafka

ACT 1: Mason said she didn't know she was ineligible

ACT2 2: The opinion turns on her knowledge that she was ineligible


#2 | Posted by snoofy at 2022-05-11 04:54 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

AFTER serving most of her sentence. This allows ytpepo to pat themselves on the back for something so out of line with "other" vote offenders.

So go ahead ytpepo, take your bow.

#3 | Posted by fresno500 at 2022-05-12 04:12 AM | Reply

Her five-year sentence, as opposed to the several WHITE Republican men, who knowingly committed voter fraud by voting twice, but who only got probation and an admonishment to not do that again, at least not until 2024.


#4 | Posted by OCUser at 2022-05-12 04:50 PM | Reply

yOU CAN PRETEND he sentence had nothing to do wiyh her race only by beibg dishonest with yourself.

#5 | Posted by danni at 2022-05-13 11:54 AM | Reply

Black person accidentally votes twice = 5 years in prison.
Elderly white conservative intentionally votes twice = not a whisper of complaint from anyone in the GOP.

#6 | Posted by moder8 at 2022-05-13 01:49 PM | Reply

She did NOT try to vote twice.

She was told by election officials that she was eligible to vote but said she would have to use a provisional ballot until they verified her status. A week later she was arrested for voting while being ineligible, even though her provisional ballot was never actually counted. At her trial, the judge told her that she shouldn't have listened to what the election official told her, that only she was responsible for determining if she could vote or not. So asking an election official if you can vote was not sufficient, eh? Where and who else was she supposed to have contacted? I suspect that it was this sort of thing and the attitude of the judge that lead to the judges ordering the lower court to reexamine what happened.


#7 | Posted by OCUser at 2022-05-13 03:08 PM | Reply

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