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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony about Jan. 6 continues to drive brutal headlines for Donald Trump across the country. Yet Trump's propagandists have found an answer. They are claiming Hutchinson's appearance was a flop, based on the fact that a single anecdote about Trump - one barely related to the central allegations against him - is now being questioned by a handful of bit players in this saga who aren't even offering this pushback publicly, let alone under oath.



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Here's why this pushback is so preposterously weak. First, Hutchinson was not relating her firsthand experience of that episode. As Hutchinson recounted, she, Ornato and Engel were outside Meadows's office after this episode, and Ornato described it to her. Asked whether Engel disputed this account at the time Ornato delivered it, Hutchinson said Engel did not.

The leaks in Trump's favor don't address this point. They simply say Engel and the driver will dispute that Trump lunged for the wheel. Ornato can deny ever recounting this episode to Hutchinson. He hasn't.

Which brings us to the more fundamental point. If Ornato wants to respond under oath to Hutchinson's testimony, guess what: There are many other things he can be asked about as well.

Similarly, Ornato and Engel can address the core assertion that Hutchinson made about the president's alleged rage-fit in his vehicle. They can testify about whether Trump actually did want to go to the Capitol and what happened then.

As it happens, a source close to the Secret Service told CBS News that Ornato and Engel have already testified to the committee behind closed doors. Of course, as Post reporter and Secret Service expert Carol Leonnig told Rachel Maddow, Ornato and Engel are known as "yes men" to Trump. So we don't have any idea how cooperative they were.

Bang, bang.

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