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Monday, August 08, 2022

How Mark Milley and others in the Pentagon handled the national-security threat posed by their own Commander-in-Chief.



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After the Gold Rush (1990)

...Donald Trump appears to take aspects of his German background seriously. John Walter works for the Trump Organization, and when he visits Donald in his office, Ivana told a friend, he clicks his heels and says, "Heil Hitler," possibly as a family joke.

Last April, perhaps in a surge of Czech nationalism, Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler's collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed. Kennedy now guards a copy of My New Order in a closet at his office, as if it were a grenade. Hitler's speeches, from his earliest days up through the Phony War of 1939, reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.

"Did your cousin John give you the Hitler speeches?" I asked Trump.

Trump hesitated. "Who told you that?"

"I don't remember," I said.

"Actually, it was my friend Marty Davis from Paramount who gave me a copy of Mein Kampf, and he's a Jew." ("I did give him a book about Hitler," Marty Davis said. "But it was My New Order, Hitler's speeches, not Mein Kampf. I thought he would find it interesting. I am his friend, but I'm not Jewish.")

Later, Trump returned to this subject. "If I had these speeches, and I am not saying that I do, I would never read them."

Is Ivana trying to convince her friends and lawyer that Trump is a crypto-Nazi? Trump is no reader or history buff. Perhaps his possession of Hitler's speeches merely indicates an interest in Hitler's genius at propaganda. The Fhrer often described his defeats at Stalingrad and in North Africa as great victories. Trump continues to endow his diminishing world with significance as well. "There's nobody that has the cash flow that I have," he told The Wall Street Journal long after he knew better. "I want to be king of cash."...

The article is quite the insight into private citizen Trump back circa 1990.

#1 | Posted by LampLighter at 2022-08-08 12:54 PM | Reply

How did General Kelly keep from chocking Trump to death?

#2 | Posted by Tor at 2022-08-08 01:11 PM | Reply

Remember when we thought, okay Trump is a dumpster fire, but maybe this "Mad Dog" Mattis guy will be able to keep things from getting too crazy?

#3 | Posted by snoofy at 2022-08-08 04:10 PM | Reply

#3 I forgot about that rabid nutcase.

#4 | Posted by IndianaJones at 2022-08-08 05:36 PM | Reply

Well, if nothing else he's king of spreading hate and division.

#5 | Posted by Yodagirl at 2022-08-08 05:59 PM | Reply

@#3 ... this "Mad Dog" Mattis ...

Not even tangentially related, but here it is anyway... :)

The Best From Mad Dog Mattis' (March 2013)

...Gen. James Mattis, known to his troops as "Mad Dog Mattis," is retiring after 41 years of military service.

The Marine Corps Times is calling Mattis the "most revered Marine in a generation."

Mattis has been commander of the United States Central Command since 2010 and led the 1st Marine Division into Iraq in 2003.

According to reports, President Barack Obama decided to force the Marine Corps legend out early because he rubbed civilian officials the wrong way, and forced them to answer tough questions regarding Iran.

Mattis was an inspirational leader of men and his powerful words will go down in history.

Here are some of the best words that the "Mad Dog" has had to offer:


4. "Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they're so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact."


10. "No war is over until the enemy says it's over. We may think it over, we may declare it over, but in fact, the enemy gets a vote."


... and ...

Here's what legendary Marine General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis is really like, from people who served with him (2018)

...Mattis has often been praised by senior leaders at the Pentagon as both a strategic thinker with an encyclopedic knowledge of history, and an incredible leader.


Before he took that job, then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates praised him as one of the most formidable "warrior-scholars" of his generation. "General Mattis is one of our military's foremost strategic thinkers and combat leaders," he said.


Mattis isn't just admired by the top brass. His interactions with junior troops over the years has earned him legendary status among active-duty and veterans alike.


Nate ----, a former Marine captain who first served as a 2nd lieutenant under Mattis while he was in charge of Task Force 58 in Afghanistan, recalled to Business Insider the moment he realized "this guy was an incredible leader."

Nate ---- in Baghdad, April 2003, serving as a platoon commander in First Recon Battalion. Nate ----
It was a cold night in Dec. 2001 at the Marines' patrol base in Kandahar, ---- recalled. They had been patrolling outside of the base, but once they were back, ---- had ordered his Marines to have two men awake in each hole on perimeter security, while everyone else slept.

"I was out walking the lines one night at 2, maybe 3 a.m.," ---- said, adding that he was coming closer to a fighting hole his Marines were manning. "As I got closer, I saw a third head."

He was initially angry that there was another Marine either not sleeping or away from the hole they were supposed to be in, but then he realized, "It was General Mattis."

"He had stopped to talk to the sergeant and the lance corporal."

Mattis was doing the same thing that ---- was doing: Checking on the junior Marines....

#6 | Posted by LampLighter at 2022-08-08 06:40 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

You know a President really made an impact on the country both positively and negatively when the other party is still whining about him 2 years later. And I don't mean the typical "everything was the prior POTUS's fault, unless it's positive then it's my fault" rhetoric...that's just SOP in politics these days. I mean that Dems are so concerned about ensuring their platform doesn't get exposed for it's faults that they can't stop vilifying someone this long after the person holds no power. Yes, he's an idiot. He is a loud-mouth who exaggerates because of his narcissism and ego. But since he did some great things for the country that have eroded ever since, regardless if it is the fault of Dems or not, they are so concerned about it that they can't just let themselves move on and have to have their own egos stroked in order to feel good about themselves.

2024 hindsight is going to really hurt if Reps win and Dems realize they should have spent a lot more time concentrating on the future than the past.

#7 | Posted by humtake at 2022-08-09 12:37 PM | Reply

Jeez, Erik/humtake, posting here about what sore winners we are isn't going to make your father notice you. You're not the eldest son not are you the son who is still at home. Also, you don't have ----. Dad's never going to notice you.

#8 | Posted by RJSquirrel at 2022-08-10 06:01 AM | Reply

#7 - HRC on line 2. Obama on line 3. They'd both like to discuss your take that it is the Dems "whining". What you are witnessing are sparkling consequences. Break the law, get punished. That's the way it is supposed to be. We wouldn't still be talking about TFG if we didn't have to clean up such a mess that HE and his posse of deplorable morons have created. Shocking that anyone still aligns with him. Good company you keep, Kumtake.

#9 | Posted by ND_Perspective at 2022-08-10 01:02 PM | Reply

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