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Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Ethiopia's warring sides formally agreed during talks in South Africa Wednesday to a permanent cessation of hostilities in a 2-year conflict whose victims could be counted in the hundreds of thousands But...



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Eritrea, which has fought alongside neighboring Ethiopia, was notably not part of the peace talks. It's not immediately clear to what extent its deeply repressive government, which has long considered Tigray authorities a threat, will respect the agreement. Eritrea's information minister didn't reply to questions.

Eritrean forces have been blamed for some of the conflict's worst abuses, including gang-rapes, and witnesses have described killings and lootings by Eritrean forces even during the peace talks. On Wednesday, a humanitarian source said several women in the town of Adwa reported being raped by Eritrean soldiers, and some were badly wounded. The source, like many on the situation inside Tigray, spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.
Ethiopia set a world record for displacements in a single year: 5.1 million in 2021
Goats and Soda
Ethiopia set a world record for displacements in a single year: 5.1 million in 2021

Forces from Ethiopia's neighboring Amhara region also have been fighting Tigray ones, but Amhara representatives are not part of the peace talks. "Amharas cannot be expected to abide by any outcome of a negotiations process from which they think they are excluded," said Tewodrose Tirfe, chairman of the Amhara Association of America.

So the "official" government of Ethiopia has a peace agreement with them but fighting continues. Eritrea will continue to invade Ethiopia to attack the Tigray for now and the tribe to the south in Ethiopia the Amhara will continue to fight the Tigray as well from the sound of it. The "federal" government in Ethiopia existing - where do their troops come from? How do they not control the Amhara? Tribalism... Honestly despite the rising authoritarian Ethiopian government the Tigray seem to have made themselves one cruddy bed as nobody likes them and they are fighting everyone.
Bottom line is they had no choice. They are close to beaten. I have some certainty the Amhara will settle soon. I don't even want to guess what will happen with Eritrea. Will Ethiopian Federal troops masquerade as Eritrean?

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That's Haile Selassie of you.

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