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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Henry Olsen: It's become clear that there's a path to defeating former president Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican primaries. But that path will be torturous for the GOP to navigate.



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It'd be easy if they had any ------.

#1 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2022-11-29 12:14 PM | Reply

It'd be easy if they had any ------.


I think they've made it assured there will be bloodshed if they dump Trump.

Of course, there's also bloodshed if Trump stays.

I wonder who they will blame it all on?

#2 | Posted by Zed at 2022-11-29 12:56 PM | Reply

Money is speech and Dotard speaks the language of the small donor. If Trump's legal troubles get worse and the DOJ or Fulton County can assemble and present a very strong case, Trump will be so toxic to the big donors that they will sit on their hands or give smaller chunks to other GOP folk--those who seem the most normal. If Trump continues to vacuum up the donations, the 2024 election will play out as follows:
-others running for president will have to do with the bucks they have already accumulated, since only a trickle will come their way
-Trump will talk up more kooks and nitwits, and the Deplorables will fund a bit of those campaigns, but they will be over-run by Dems who are able to raise the dough
-Trump will be the GOP presidential candidate and he will have friendly weirdos all over the Red States supporting him; more mainstream GOPers (those who are left) will often be primaried out
-at election time, Dems and moderate independents and normal-thinking Republican voters will again vote against the crazy, including Trump so long as the Dem presidential candidate is as centrist and normal (and maybe not over 80 years of age) to justify their votes
-the post-election screaming from losing GOP wing dings will go on for weeks, but with nearly no one paying attention
-January 2025 will see a Dem president and Dems in control of the House and Senate, because the GOP candidates will again prove to be unelectable

Clip and save...

#3 | Posted by catdog at 2022-11-29 12:58 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 3

It'd be easy if they had any ------.

#1 | Posted by LegallyYourDead

Trouble is, near none of them do. The ones that showed having some spunk, wound up being thrown off committees for their beliefs and stances. Now none of them want to step out and say what they think for fear of retribution from their own party.

Trump is dug in like a tick, danged if you do, danged if you don't. He's a liability and won't go away quietly. Either the party supports him or he will likely claim independent and siphon votes off the party ensuring they don't get the White House and likely have a blow back on their party for majority.

#4 | Posted by BBQ at 2022-11-29 01:07 PM | Reply

The GOP has no mechanism to stop Trump if Trump wins the primaries.

#5 | Posted by snoofy at 2022-11-29 01:12 PM | Reply

Trump has lost a fair amount of support on the right, especially after the midterms.

The fear within the GOP is he goes scorched earth if he loses the primary, run as an independent and splits enough of the vote to hand 2024 to the Democrats.

#6 | Posted by BellRinger at 2022-11-29 02:01 PM | Reply

Declare him a traitor and ineligible to hold office. But that takes courage.

#7 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2022-11-29 02:08 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

A substantial chunk of Rs will support the orange turd. Opponents will be divided among multiple opponents, likely leaving the turd with the nomination. Trumplings will care not at all about any indictments. And if there is even one R on a jury the jury will be hung. So no convictions. Sigh.

#8 | Posted by SomebodyElse at 2022-11-29 04:28 PM | Reply


"Declare him a traitor and ineligible to hold office. But that takes courage."

That's what the DOJ's Special Prosecutor is aiming to do with their charge of Espionage.

#9 | Posted by Twinpac at 2022-11-30 12:47 AM | Reply

I hope Trump destroys the GOP and vice versa.

#10 | Posted by RJSquirrel at 2022-11-30 03:54 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1


The GOP isn't stupid. They're letting Trump destroy himself and doing a very effective job of it in the process. They'll take one step backwards to take two steps forward if they have to.

The GOP is heavily invested in their mission creep to destroy democracy. They're not going to let a blunderbuss like Trump stand in their way. Not when there are so many other traitorous slime balls, smarter and more focused, waiting in the wings.

There's no way of knowing how or when but the GOP will certainly suffer from internal combustion at some point in time.

We just have to wait for it.

#11 | Posted by Twinpac at 2022-11-30 04:42 AM | Reply

I hope Trump manages to win their nomination. It will be much easier to beat him than Desantis.

#12 | Posted by byrdman at 2022-11-30 05:31 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Good. Hope it is an excruciatingly painful divorce,
after what they did to this country. They deserve
every fricking millisecond of it...

#13 | Posted by earthmuse at 2022-11-30 06:07 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Dumping Trump will certainly be a massive dump.

#14 | Posted by anton at 2022-11-30 06:50 AM | Reply


"I hope Trump manages to win their nomination. It will be much easier to beat him than Desantis."

Yeah, well the DOJ has a more permanent solution that goes well beyond the next election ~ the Espionage Act.

The HUGE mistake the GOP made all the way back in 2016 will be haunting them for many elections to come.

#15 | Posted by Twinpac at 2022-11-30 07:49 AM | Reply

GOP's Path to Dumping Trump Will Be Torturous

Unless normal republicans are willing to be as ruthless as Trump and his minions are, they won't be able to regain control of the party. Just as Trump is willing to burn the party to the ground, Normal republicans must be willing to do the same i.e. M.A.D. Mutual Assured Destruction.

It has been reported that Trump has threatened to run as an independent, thereby depriving republicans of a major part of their electorate. Normal republicans must be willing to do the same; if Trump wins the republican primary, run a major candidate (DeSantis?) as an independent and deprive Trump of the votes of normal republicans. Of course, this would likely result in the democrat winning but it would serve notice on the republican party that a party led by Trump and his acolytes is a loser.

#16 | Posted by FedUpWithPols at 2022-11-30 10:37 AM | Reply

It has been reported that Trump has threatened to run as an independent

He should run as a Democrat. Now THAT would be funny.

#17 | Posted by REDIAL at 2022-11-30 10:42 AM | Reply

"The fear within the GOP is he goes scorched earth if he loses the primary"

2016, welcome to the DR!

#18 | Posted by snoofy at 2022-11-30 10:55 AM | Reply

Jellyfish share the same problem Tepublicans have standing up to the pompous orange blow hard.

#19 | Posted by danni at 2022-11-30 12:24 PM | Reply

"The fear within the GOP is he goes scorched earth if he loses the primary"

True, but what really are they risking? Can you name one single Republican politician whose career has benefited our nation?Best thing for America would be a total melt down of that party. It isn't going to hsppen though as was mentioned in another thread cowardly Republican politicians will kneel at the Trump altar when they think they need the mob to win their own elections.

#20 | Posted by danni at 2022-11-30 12:32 PM | Reply


Yeah, that would be "hilarious". He'd never last past the Iowa Caucuses. As long as a few of his nitwit followers believed he would be "owning the libs" by doing it, he might.

#21 | Posted by anton at 2022-11-30 12:51 PM | Reply

I doubt that fragile little simp will last to 2024. He can't even hold a glass of water in one hand.

#22 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2022-11-30 04:49 PM | Reply

I don't think Trump is going to make it. Dining with a White supremist, racist, was the death knell. Also congress now has his tax returns.

#23 | Posted by wolfdog at 2022-11-30 09:08 PM | Reply

Also congress now has his tax returns.

The House needs to get them over to the Senate pronto as the GOP House will kill any investigation in them first day.

The whole "under audit" baloney was a weak ass excuse to hide the fact that he pays no taxes. There was no reason for him to not release his taxes like every other politician the moment he filed them if they were on the up and up. That's the key. They're not on the up and up. My guess is there is a lot of shady crap going on in them and that is why he wants them hidden. That is also why the GQP wants the IRS people like him can scam the system with crooked accountants and lawyers using illegal tax scams.

There is a reason why his accounting firm pulled the plug on their relationship with him. He is shady AF and he hid it from them.

I remember one time a potential client called saying they hadn't filed taxes in five years and now the IRS was contacting them. They were an independent contractor who got paid by banks for maintaining foreclosed properties and he didn't have records of his expenses (red flag), was paid by 1099 and didn't pay any estimated taxes into the IRS on the income (red flag), the IRS asked for a list of banks he was currently working with so they could force the banks to withhold on his payments and he sent them via US mail a list of the banks HE WAS NO LONGER WORKING WITH saying it was the ones he was working with (Felony). I couldn't tell him no fast enough. I did tell him that perjuring himself to a treasury agent via US mail was at least two felonies and that he needed more help than a CPA and he needed a criminal defense attorney specializing in tax fraud.

Dumb criminals think they are smart and Donny Fail is a dumb criminal. The problem the GOP has is his base are a lot dumber than he is and believe every stupid lie that comes out of his KFC hole. Unless Donny Fail drops out and endorses whoever wins the nomination, a lot....a whole lot of his base will stay home or vote for whoever is running against the GOP. Donny doesn't have the courage or honor to admit he lost and back the party over himself. That was clear when he announced.

I have never seen or heard such a low energy defeated man announce he was running for president. He is only doing it to try to get the DOJ to drop their investigation since he is a candidate. What a sad caricature of a President he has become.

#24 | Posted by Nixon at 2022-12-01 07:59 AM | Reply

Trump's tax returns are beautiful.

He just doesn't want us to see those beautiful returns because he is very bashful and unassuming.

#25 | Posted by anton at 2022-12-01 11:58 AM | Reply

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