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Thursday, December 01, 2022

Just over halfway through its 26-day mission, the Orion capsule has reached its greatest distance away from Earth. Previously, the Apollo 13 mission had held the all-time record: 248,000 miles. But at its farthest, Orion was 270,000 miles away from the planet's surface. And while it was out there, it snapped this selfie of itself and the Earth:



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...In the full image, you can see the Orion capsule, with the Earth and Moon in the background. At this moment, the capsule was 268,547 miles from Earth and 43,318 miles from the Moon, traveling at 1,679 miles per hour. Telemetry remains nominal as of early Wednesday morning.

While Artemis 1 has no human crew members, the flight does still have passengers. Orion is carrying special mannequins, or 'moonikins,' whose prime directive is to test out next-generation space gear. NASA administrator Bill Nelson explained, during a Monday evening briefing from the agency's Johnson Space Center in Houston:

"Many of us know: Arturo Campos was a NASA engineer who developed a plan to bring the crippled Apollo 13 crew home safely. For a mission where something terrible went wrong, it's in the annals at NASA as one of our most successful missions " because they saved the crew. Well, on Orion now is Commander Moonikin Campos, his namesake. [ ... ] He's outfitted with sensors to provide data on what crew members will experience in flight. And that data will continue Campos' legacy of enabling human exploration in deep space."...

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