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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Last spring, a doctor for Concentra Inc., the leading US occupational health-care company, told his boss he wanted to quit.




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"Last spring, a doctor for Concentra Inc., the leading US occupational health-care company, told his boss he wanted to quit."

That's not how you do that.

#1 | Posted by snoofy at 2023-01-26 07:40 PM | Reply

"What would you say you do here?"

#2 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2023-01-26 07:50 PM | Reply

Somebody didn't do their due diligence or has terrible negotiating skills. There is absolutely no reason to accept terms like that in today's environment.

#3 | Posted by mattm at 2023-01-26 08:43 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

USA plutocrat capitalism at its finest! Oh how I know!

#4 | Posted by wolfdog at 2023-01-26 08:55 PM | Reply

Yeah, who would agree to these terms?
Of course, not being a doctor, they are probably
handed a 30 page document of legaleze...and who
reads all of a 30 page document of legaleze these

I'm guessing, that is how they 'trapped him'.

#5 | Posted by earthmuse at 2023-01-27 06:23 AM | Reply

Earthmuse, because of stories like these have been circulating for years, particularly non compete clauses I read every word of the document and then review it with an attorney. That has saved me thousands and many headaches over the years. The last one I was able to have removed 'damages' for leaving, the noncompete from one year to 6 months and the radius from 60 miles to 10. They knew I had other options so agreed.
The point of the article was about doctors and midlevels.
Even with enforcing the contract it is going to cost them a lot more to recruit another provider rather than systemically address the problems and make them happy.

#6 | Posted by mattm at 2023-01-27 09:21 AM | Reply

That's not how you do that.



Just quit.

Strike that.

Just stop showing up.

If you think the slimy ----- might pull some ---- lie to them about the reason you need a short leave, collect your last check, then tell them to ---- off if you really want to.

Or just don't.

They'll figure it out.

#7 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2023-01-28 01:39 AM | Reply

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