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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Since the group began in October 2021 it has openly embraced Nazi ideology and promoted white supremacy, while proudly discouraging parents from letting their white children play with or have any contact with people of any other race.




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Earlier this month, while the rest of the country was celebrating the achievements of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., parents and children in the "Dissident Homeschool" network opened a lesson plan and were greeted with the words: "As Adolf Hitler wrote ... " The contents of the MLK lesson plan would be shocking for almost anyone, but for members of the 2,400-member "Dissident Homeschool" Telegram channel, this was a regular Monday at school. "It is up to us to ensure our children know him for the deceitful, dishonest, riot-inciting negro he actually was," the administrator of the network's Telegram channel wrote, alongside a downloadable lesson plan for elementary school children.

Has DeathSantis approved this lesson plan yet?

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Katja Lawrence, who is in her mid-30s, launched the channel in October 2021, because she "was having a rough time finding Nazi-approved school material for [her] homeschool children," as she told the neo-Nazi podcast "Achtung! Amerikaner" last year.

Later in the same podcast episode, Lawrence expanded on her view on why she wanted to educate her children at home. "We have our children's best interest at heart and nobody can do a better job than we can because it's our child. We are so deeply invested into making sure that that child becomes a wonderful Nazi," she said.

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#3 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2023-01-29 04:14 PM | Reply

Comrades! Guess they just got fed up with mixed race theory for them and with the one race theory of Israel. Evidently Russia has helped USA Neo-Nazis quite a lot by not attending the anniversary at Auschwitz. Russia freed most of the captives from these camps, and there is never a word from them about a Holocaust. Sort of sad in a way. And I can understand it. But I am bitter because of all the money I spent on education and the stinking jobs I got as a result in this USA capitalist hell hole.

#4 | Posted by wolfdog at 2023-01-29 07:43 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

And yet we all wondered where those guys with the Tiki torches marching in Charlottesville came from.

Well, now we know...


#5 | Posted by OCUser at 2023-01-29 07:46 PM | Reply

the claim to be happy their children can speak freely.

thing is that's in conflict with NAZI ideology.

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#7 | Posted by Tor at 2023-01-29 08:23 PM | Reply

They are just like their grandparents in the original America First movement.

#8 | Posted by Corky at 2023-01-29 10:22 PM | Reply

Those poor kids, being brainwashed at an early age.
Sort of like WolfDog was...right comrade? Hey! How's
Pooty ---------- doing? Have any 'involuntary protein
spills' lately?

#9 | Posted by earthmuse at 2023-01-30 06:39 AM | Reply

If DeSantis is elected POTUS, he'll have these people running the Department of Education.

#10 | Posted by Whatsleft at 2023-01-30 03:21 PM | Reply

DeathSentence is directing his education secretary to develop an AP class based on the home school curriculum, after all these kids will be college-level credits to attend the new DeathSentence U.

#11 | Posted by _Gunslinger_ at 2023-01-30 06:54 PM | Reply

"But I am bitter because of all the money I spent on education "


Oh, the $500 you sent to tRump University didn't get you a corner office?
Enjoy your borscht, Boris. If there is a God we'll nuke you losers once and for all.

#12 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2023-01-30 10:47 PM | Reply

If they want to prove they are the Supreme race they should be able to do it without hating on other groups.

If you ever read Alex Haley's interview of George Rockwell it's as though at some level Rockwell knew he was a jerk to black people he just didn't know how to stop after some point in his life.

#13 | Posted by Tor at 2023-01-31 12:21 AM | Reply

It's only 2,400 students, not anything to worry about.

#14 | Posted by snoofy at 2023-01-31 02:21 AM | Reply

Still, some hacker w the skills ought to try and find
the 'names list' of members in this group and give it
to the government. Don't want these people showing up
in elected office if it can be helped.

#15 | Posted by earthmuse at 2023-01-31 06:28 AM | Reply

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