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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Thought nonbinary gender was a modern concept? Think again. The ancient Jewish understanding of gender was far more nuanced than many assume. The Talmud, a huge and authoritative compendium of Jewish legal traditions, contains in fact no less than eight gender designations.



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FTA: "Designations include:

1) Zachar, male.
2) Nekevah, female.
3) Androgynos, having both male and female characteristics.
4) Tumtum, lacking sexual characteristics.
5) Aylonit hamah, identified female at birth but later naturally developing male characteristics.
6) Aylonit adam, identified female at birth but later developing male characteristics through human intervention.
7) Saris hamah, identified male at birth but later naturally developing female characteristics.
8) Saris adam, identified male at birth and later developing female characteristics through human intervention.

In fact, not only did the rabbis recognize six genders that were neither male nor female, they had a tradition that the first human being was both. Versions of this midrash are found throughout rabbinic literature, including in the Talmud."

The legal way forward for pro-choice proponents to once and for all nullify anti-abortion strictures appears to be through the already firmly conservative-court-established "freedom of religious practice." Can't wait to see Alito's face when he finds out that Judaism has codified and recognized nonbinary genders for centuries before anyone ever heard the word "woke" used as a derisive epithet, self-identifying these contextual users as ignorant bigots.

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"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

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THANK YOU for posting this. I greatly appreciate it.

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