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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk Tuesday as an "outstanding person" and "talented businessman" in remarks at the Eastern Economic Forum, according to Russia 24.



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Putin goes to bat for Putin's --------------.

#1 | Posted by reinheitsgebot at 2023-09-12 09:23 PM | Reply

One wonders if Putin and Musk will fairly soon cooperate in a business venture, one that includes his moving to Russia and running their space program. Russian money is clearly behind Trump's reelection attempt. Musk screwed up Twitter for Trump, and I suppose Putin. Putin also has been saying adoring things about Trump as well.

#2 | Posted by Hughmass at 2023-09-13 06:29 AM | Reply

Putrid should polish his knob for the crap he pulled with Starlink.

Turds of a feather and such.

#3 | Posted by Nixon at 2023-09-13 06:47 AM | Reply

We need a "Medal of Shame" to award to every American that murdering psycho dictator honors. Right now that list is growing with more GQP names on it every day. Donsald Trump is at the top. We should have a televised award cerenony to comemorate this great honor for these traitors! It would add a touch of class and accomplishment to their Clan robes!

#4 | Posted by danni at 2023-09-13 08:02 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Putrid should polish his knob for the crap he pulled with Starlink.

#3 | POSTED BY NIXON AT 2023-09-13 06:47 AM | REPLY

So many Russian fueled lies about this. A civilian Internet company in America directly providing offensive missile targeting support to Ukraine without US government as the intermediary is a no-go. No corporate lawyer will approve that because it's a violation of arms control export laws.

Starlink then spun up Starshield, specifically a defense contractor, contracted to the Pentagon, to provide that service lawfully.

#5 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2023-09-13 08:19 AM | Reply

"A civilian Internet company in America directly providing offensive missile targeting support to Ukraine without US government as the intermediary is a no-go."

Since activation, SpaceX's service has been used by civilians and military officials alike. By May 2022, over 150,000 Ukrainians were using Starlink on a daily basis.[3] In fact, Federov publicly claimed that Starlink "is crucial support for Ukraine's infrastructure and restoring the destroyed territories." And as the technology was rapidly integrated into the communications infrastructure of the country, Kyiv's military began applying it creatively in the battlefield, such as using it to control unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance aerial vehicles and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (aka drones).


#6 | Posted by donnerboy at 2023-09-13 11:05 AM | Reply

Oops indeed. SpaceX legal dept had to ---- its pants.

#7 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2023-09-13 01:21 PM | Reply

One can only hope that Putin's praise will cause Musk's head to explode and reassemble itself on Mars.

#8 | Posted by Yodagirl at 2023-09-13 03:12 PM | Reply

Why would Putin not gush over Elon Musk? Unlike Biden and many on the left Musk is smart and has common sense. There is not a rabid radical Democrat worth anything anywhere in our government. Democrats gush over the fool New Mexico governor Grisham, and destroyer of California Gov "the French Laundry $350 per person" Newsom. Even the NM Dem AG told his own governor he is not defending her. Democrats need a common sense and brain transplant. We will not survive with Democrats.

#9 | Posted by Robson at 2023-09-13 05:39 PM | Reply

"I love him because he turns off Starlink when Ukraine shoots missiles at us!"

- Vlad the Imperator

#10 | Posted by AMERICANUNITY at 2023-09-13 07:21 PM | Reply

He gushed over Donald Q, too.

#11 | Posted by Corky at 2023-09-13 08:19 PM | Reply

Elon Putrump is in the news again.

#12 | Posted by cbob at 2023-09-13 09:25 PM | Reply

#9 | POSTED BY ROBSON AT 2023-09-13 05:39 PM | FLAG: Clown

#13 | Posted by cbob at 2023-09-13 09:26 PM | Reply

Well, to be honest, it was just a single gush. But it's the thought that counts.
~ Vlad

#14 | Posted by Doc_Sarvis at 2023-09-14 06:18 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

#9 for a guy that had common sense, he literally broke Twitter moving a data center without bothering to check code. The code has 70,000 hard coded references to that data center because of how badly it was engineered (hint: most comp sci students aren't production ready). It's still not fixed 9 months later.

#15 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2023-09-14 08:06 AM | Reply

If you have Pooty Pants, who is a murderer and a war criminal, "gushing" over you then you obviously need to re- evaluate your life choices.

#16 | Posted by donnerboy at 2023-09-14 11:58 AM | Reply

(hint: most comp sci students aren't production ready)


#17 | Posted by WhoDaMan at 2023-09-14 03:44 PM | Reply

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