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Saturday, December 02, 2023

Pfizer is discontinuing a twice a day weight loss drug citing too many adverse side effects. This is not as bad as it can get either. When it comes to drugs that can clearly make a lot of money due to vanity never be first in line to use them.



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Too bad they banned ephedra. That stuff was extremely effective, both for curbing appetite and for boosting metabolism/improving workouts.

Most widely used supplement in the country, with about 2.5 million users, and the government banned it claiming it was dangerous (after a few people killed themselves by taken many times the recommended dose in conjunction with way too much caffeine and running around in the sun without hydrating properly).

Real reason for the ban was because it was being used to manufacture meth / it was a natural supplement so couldn't be patented to make the drug companies rich.

So now pharmaceutical companies continue turning out drugs and charging billions to provide worse and more dangerous results than a supplement that cost pennies a day.

#1 | Posted by censored at 2023-12-02 08:48 PM | Reply

I was always in the third quartile when it came to prescribing new medications. Avoided Serzone, and several others that got pulled from the market before I had written for them.

#2 | Posted by mattm at 2023-12-04 09:45 AM | Reply

Early 2000 there was a weight loss drug that a family member started to take and then stopped for some reason. Was long before it was pulled from the market. I think they found it caused cancer.

#3 | Posted by Tor at 2023-12-04 12:30 PM | Reply

"I think they found it caused cancer. #3 | Posted by Tor"

A step beyond heroin-chic, it's chemo-chic.

#4 | Posted by censored at 2023-12-04 02:02 PM | Reply


#5 | Posted by Tor at 2023-12-04 02:10 PM | Reply

Probably the combination of drugs fenfluramine and phentermine. It was quite the rage. Had a couple people storm out of my office when I wouldn't prescribe. I saw two patients in my town that had valve replacement surgery, glad I wasn't the prescriber.

#6 | Posted by mattm at 2023-12-04 02:54 PM | Reply

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