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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Law enforcement agencies told the Russian state media outlet TASS that "new charges had been filed against Oleg Navalny." However, they too, have yet to provide more light on the details of the arrest warrant.


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Previously, the Preobrazhensky Court in Moscow handed Navalny's brother a one-year suspended sentence in 2021 for allegedly trying to organize an "unauthorized rally," according to the Daily Express.


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"It is worth noting that in an exclusive conversation with the news outlet, Putin's former speechwriter Abbas Gallyamov warned that Putin is allegedly plotting to have Navalny's wife killed in a bid to uproot the opposition movement in Russia.

Gallyamov added that Yulia has all of the attributes needed to continue Navalny's work and challenge the Putin regime the same way her late husband did. "Everyone should worry about her safety. But at least she is abroad," he told the Daily Express."

#1 | Posted by Corky at 2024-02-20 10:56 PM | Reply

Trump is taking notes.....

#2 | Posted by Corky at 2024-02-21 06:30 PM | Reply

Time to kill his brother.

#3 | Posted by ClownShack at 2024-02-21 06:30 PM | Reply

Time to kill his brother.

That's what Biden would do.

#4 | Posted by oneironaut at 2024-02-21 06:45 PM | Reply

@#3 ... Time to kill his brother. ...

Yup. Pres Putin has a history of killing his opponents.

That's one of the reasons why I think that fmr Pres Trump is so obsequious to Pres Putin. Fmr Pres Trump clearly sees what happens to the political opponents of Pres Putin.

The List Is Long: Russians Who Have Died After Running Afoul Of The Kremlin

... The list of influential Russians who have been killed or died in murky circumstances after opposing, criticizing, or crossing Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin, or the state is long. And it just got longer.

The latest addition is Aleksei Navalny, the imprisoned opposition politician who crusaded against official corruption and led massive anti-Kremlin protests, earning him the ire of Putin, who made a point of not uttering his name in public. ...

And a result of that article?

Russia Declares RFE/RL An 'Undesirable Organization'

... Russia has labeled Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty as an "undesirable organization," according to a registry maintained by the country's Justice Ministry, exposing its journalists and others working with the organization, as well as its donors or those who are interviewed by it, to criminal charges.

The latest update of the registry shows RFE/RL was designated "undesirable," an escalation from its previous designation as a so-called "foreign agent," as of February 2, with a ruling made to officially add it to the list on February 20. According to the entry, RFE/RL is the 142nd entity to be labeled as such.

RFE/RL President Stephen Capus said the designation is the latest example of how the Russian government views truthful reporting as an existential threat. ...

#5 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-02-21 06:55 PM | Reply

This is what IAMRUNT wants for Navalny's children.

#6 | Posted by reinheitsgebot at 2024-02-21 06:55 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

"Trump is taking notes....."


I'm glad you mentioned that.

I'm thinking of Ksenia Karelina, a Russian-American ballerina, who was just arrested in Moscow for contributing $51.10 to Ukraine's war effort. Mr. Putin called that "treason." She could get life in prison.

Since we know Trump follows in Putin's footprints, including his role of Dictator, will Trump arrest every individual as a traitor if they contributed to Biden?

Dictators can do that, ya' know.

#7 | Posted by Twinpac at 2024-02-22 04:18 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

"will Trump arrest every individual as a traitor if they contributed to Biden?"----Anyone who doesn't see this type of behavior as being a real possibility is a fool.

#8 | Posted by Zed at 2024-02-22 12:37 PM | Reply

Trump is angry, frightened, vengeful, and quite insane. Moreover, he has millions of MAGA calling him divine. This is a recipe for blood-letting in a way that the world has seen over and over again.

#9 | Posted by Zed at 2024-02-22 12:46 PM | Reply


"This is a recipe for blood-letting in a way that the world has seen over and over again."

Everybody but the U.S. Supreme Court is doing what they can to prevent that.

#10 | Posted by Twinpac at 2024-02-22 02:27 PM | Reply

It was just reported that his mother has finally seen the body.

They expect her comments soon.

#11 | Posted by Corky at 2024-02-22 04:04 PM | Reply

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