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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Bees play by rolling wooden balls -- apparently for fun. The cleaner wrasse fish appears to recognize its own visage in an underwater mirror. Octopuses seem to react to anesthetic drugs and will avoid settings where they likely experienced past pain. All three of these discoveries came in the last five years -- indications that the more scientists test animals, the more they find that many species may have inner lives and be sentient.



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I for one agree with them. I think just about anyone who is half way observant would agree. Even as a child I saw it in animals with a vertebrae. I couldn't understand why the adults didn't. Nature's a b---- though and the circle of life is cruel. But it is life. Consciousness, sentience, etc is something on different levels. I have seen the intelligence of Dogs, cats and even fish given in a human approximation in recent years. Scientist think Dolphins may be the smartest animals of all.

It always killed me people used to talk about the memory of a gold fish only being 3-seconds or something stupid like that. Anyone that has kept them knows better. Goldfish are pretty smart really. They are very trainable. Don't believe me? BBC - Oxford University: Goldfish do have good memories, scientists find

#1 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2024-04-19 05:11 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Anybody who has ever owned a pet knows animals are conscious.

Though I guess if you're a Deplorable, you might find it easier to deny what your own eyes tell you.

#2 | Posted by snoofy at 2024-04-19 07:13 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

@#1 ... It always killed me people used to talk about the memory of a gold fish only being 3-seconds or something stupid like that. ...

Back a while ago, a college friend had a fish tank.

When I walked into the living room, and approached the tank, one of the fish would swim to the top of the water, and then turn upside down.

I asked my friend, WTF? (I summarize)

He said, the fish likes you to scratch its stomach.

So I reached into the tank and rubbed it's tummy with my finger.

When I stopped, the fish left the surface and did its fish things.

If I could think a fish could smile, I'd say that the fish looked like it was smiling.

#3 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-04-19 08:48 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

I've thought so ever since that Nature documentary, 'A Fish Called Wanda".

#4 | Posted by Corky at 2024-04-19 09:51 PM | Reply

"The problem is the humans."

#5 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2024-04-20 01:09 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

I experienced something I never thought I would see in my life.

It involved a fly.

One day there was a small group of flies (around 5) gathered together on a counter. I took a fly swatter and gave the group a swat. They all escaped except one who appeared to have a broken wing and a broken leg. Within a minute or so, one of the other flies returned and began gently stroking the injured fly as though expressing compassion.

It's the last thing I ever expected from a fly. But there it was.

#6 | Posted by Twinpac at 2024-04-21 01:20 PM | Reply

The attitude that other living things aren't sentient is a convenient lie to make it okay to kill them with no regard.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, though. A few hundred years ago Western scientists (is there any other kids) would tell you Blacks are an inferior species.

The myth persists to this day, that black people have a much higher pain threshold than white people. And this is demonstrated in medical records.

Specifically, this work reveals that a substantial number of white laypeople and medical students and residents hold false beliefs about biological differences between blacks and whites and demonstrates that these beliefs predict racial bias in pain perception and treatment recommendation accuracy.
Paper is from 2016

#7 | Posted by snoofy at 2024-04-21 01:24 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

LOL. You'll be here all week?

#8 | Posted by Doc_Sarvis at 2024-04-21 01:27 PM | Reply

Don't forget to tip your waitperson!

#9 | Posted by Corky at 2024-04-21 01:40 PM | Reply

Members of the animal kingdom probably look at LYD as the proof that they don't want to excel forward.

#10 | Posted by globriel at 2024-04-21 01:59 PM | Reply

Don't piss off a crow.

A crow can hold a grudge against people who are mean to them for 2 years.

And they will teach their friends and family to hate you and "scold" you, too.

#11 | Posted by donnerboy at 2024-04-21 02:15 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Re 11

And. On the other hand..

If you feed a crow it may bring you gifts!

#12 | Posted by donnerboy at 2024-04-21 02:17 PM | Reply

Don't piss off a crow. A crow can hold a grudge against people who are mean to them for 2 years. And they will teach their friends and family to hate you and "scold" you, too. [...] And. On the other hand.. If you feed a crow it may bring you gifts! #12 | Posted by donnerboy

Guy playing tic-tac-toe vs a crow. I think he threw the game, though.

Some other dude trained a myna bird to bring him money.

#13 | Posted by censored at 2024-04-21 02:39 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1


Secrets of the Octopus takes us inside the world of these "aliens on Earth"

... Octopuses are like aliens on Earth: three hearts, blue blood and the ability to squeeze through a space the size of their eyeballs. But there is so much more to these weird and wonderful animals. Intelligent enough to use tools or transform their bodies to mimic other animals and even communicate with different species, the secrets of the octopus are more extraordinary than we ever imagined. ...

Ars Technica: What is the focus of your research?

Alex Schnell: I'm a marine biologist that turned into a comparative psychologist"just a fancy word for studying the different minds of animals. What I'm really interested is how intelligence evolved, where and when. The octopus is the perfect candidate to answer some of these questions because they diverge from our own lineage over 550 million years ago. We share an ancestor that looked like a flat worm. So if the octopus shows glimmers of intelligence that we see in ourselves or in animals that are closely related to us, it reveals a lot about the patterns of evolution and how it evolved throughout the animal kingdom.

When you meet an octopus, you really get the sense that there is another being looking out at you. A few years ago, I worked with a team at London School of Economics to write a report reviewing the evidence of sentience in animals. Does the animal have the capacity to feel emotions? We found really strong evidence in octopuses and it ended up changing UK law. Now under UK law, we have to treat octopuses ethically and with compassion. ...

#14 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-04-21 03:27 PM | Reply

@#13 ... Guy playing tic-tac-toe vs a crow. I think he threw the game, though. ...

Back in 2017, the was a show on the PBS Nova series called Bird brain.

The show had birds solving all manner of puzzles.

#15 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-04-21 03:29 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Next up, the crazies will want to legally marry animals. Just like everyone against gay marriage predicted. They're already teaching kids gay sex in schools and they denied that would ever happen too.

#16 | Posted by THEBULL at 2024-04-21 03:40 PM | Reply | Funny: 2

@#16 ... the crazies will want to legally marry animals. J ...

Projecting again?

#17 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-04-21 04:04 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Taking the name TheBull is an insult to bulls, given you consistently show you are far less intelligent than they.

#18 | Posted by YAV at 2024-04-21 04:23 PM | Reply

Projection on future events: 100% accurate

#19 | Posted by THEBULL at 2024-04-21 04:47 PM | Reply

What sock puppet is this?

#20 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2024-04-21 05:17 PM | Reply

Personally, I think all things living are sentient. Just because they don't yammer on about it like we do...

#21 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2024-04-22 07:10 AM | Reply

#21 - it is inherent in preserving life. It is survival. I think people don't know what the word means.

#22 | Posted by YAV at 2024-04-22 09:55 AM | Reply

Anyone that doesn't believe animals have emotions, feelings, and a as conscious memory, has never owned or trained a dog.

#23 | Posted by ABH at 2024-04-22 10:23 AM | Reply

In the 1970s I was out in Hampton Bays, LI, NY during hunting season. I was on college break for a week. I noticed that some hunters had put up a duck blind on Tiana Bay. During the week the ducks flew over the bay and swam in the bay. On the weekends when the hunters were on the bay, there were no ducks to be seen anywhere in the area. I figured that the ducks were avoiding the bay so they wouldn't get shot. They had to know probably from experience that the hunters were there.

#24 | Posted by Ronnie68 at 2024-04-22 05:54 PM | Reply

On Pandora the inhabitants can actually mentally connect with the animal life. Even with sea creatures. They have special nerves in their tails.

#25 | Posted by moder8 at 2024-04-22 07:38 PM | Reply

Somebody pull Jeff's idiot sock puppets. But then Rcade's fake ----- advertising would tank. This place is a ---- show.

#26 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2024-04-23 01:26 AM | Reply

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